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Sorry about the recent lack of posts - I just moved apartments and had time & lack of broadband issues. Here's my duty free spoils - Heathrow Terminal 3 has a fantastic beauty section in Duty Free - most brands have a proper counter - Chanel has a huge area, Burberry, and Tom Ford is no longer just a pokey perfume shelf. Sadly Armani is no longer stocked there (unless I couldn't see it?!) since I was going to buy the Maestro foundation - I have been using a huge sample for the last 2 weeks and I'm loving it.

Anyway, here's what I picked up.

  • Burberry blush in Blossom (£23.80, usual retail £29)
  • Chanel Le Khôl Eye Liner in Ambre (£14.95 / £17) The SA gave me the wrong one, I was actually after the one with the smudge brush at one end, which I think is called Le Crayon Yeux
  • Chanel le Vernis in Coromandel (£15 / £18)
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in Exaltée (£21.30 / £25) Yeh I caved. I said I wouldn't buy it since its pretty similar to Nars Carthage. But Carthage is matte so...
  • Tom Ford lipstick in Black Orchid (£30.60 / £36) Been delaying getting my second TF lipstick due to the price. I also couldn't decide on the colour - it was between Black Orchid, Cherry Lush or Wild Ginger. Obviously I had to pick the most difficult one to wear.
  • Chanel Poudre Universalle Compacte in Naturel 30 (£26.65 / £32) The least interesting purchase. The one I'm using now is nearly finish. It's probably not the BEST pressed powder out there but I like the packaging - I feel very chic when touching up with this.
I probably won't have any new blog posts until I get back to London but you'd be able catch tidbits on my Twitter and Instagram.



  1. I am starting to get really jealous of your growing Burberry collection! The blush looks gorgeous.. Nowhere to buy Burberry here in Norway, might have to fly to Heathrow just to finally try some Burberry makeup :D x x

  2. Great haul, I simply love DFS shopping.Nothing beats paying less for makeup. :)

  3. Awesome purchases.. I recently bought Black Orchid too and I'm really enjoying it.. I wore it on top of a bright pink red lip liner.. This helped made look a little less vampy.. And don't for get to blot.. It looks much nicer when this shade is a little more on the matte side ;)

    Try Violet Fatale next time.. Gorgeous Gorgeous shade!

  4. What a haul - I might have to try Black Orchid - it looks great!

  5. Love Chanel lipsticks! Which colour is that?

  6. I love ALLLL of those chanel lipsticks!! So pretty! Love your blog, now following!
    - HannahMarieBeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Omg these products are just lovely!! especially the bright chanel lipstick and the burberry blush! I've definitely added them to my shopping list :) Love your blog btw xx

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