Saturday, 30 June 2012
by Unknown

June Favourites & Randomness

  1. Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink- second favourite lipstick for June
  2. Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach - favourite lipstick for June
  3. Chanel Glossimer in Calypso -not a gloss girl but I love this colour
  4. Boots No. 7 Gold Glitter Top Coat - I use this over my nail polish when it's looking a bit tired but I haven't got time to redo my nails.
  5. Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra -I've been wearing this as bronzer/blush for most of June, mainly because it look good + it's convenient since it's all in one compact.  I still hate the smell though.
  6. Chanel Island - my favourite from the Chanel summer polishes
  7. Dior Bikini - best of the summer corals
  8. Chanel Diwali - review will be posted next week
  9. YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Aquatique - to be reviewed, my views on these are mixed but I like them enough to be included in this month's favourite
  10. YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve - as above
  11. Chanel Sable-Émouvant -haven't been wearing much eyeshadow but when I have, it's been this because it goes with any lipstick/blush.

Sunday, 24 June 2012
by Unknown

Lipstick of the day #21 - Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach #29

Having not tried the Burberry Beauty line previously, I was a bit late to the Burberry Spring collection.  So when I received a gift voucher, I promptly headed to the Burberry counter to try out the Lip Covers.  Lip Covers are the equivalent to the Rouge Cocos of Chanel - the main line of opaque pigmented lipsticks with satin finish.

I was drawn by the campaign photo of Cara Delevingne wearing #28 Devon Sunset.  At the counter I tried on Devon Sunset and #29 Golden Peach, and as much as I wanted Devon Sunset to work for me, Golden Peach suited my colouring far better.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
by Unknown

Latest Purchases: Burberry Lip Covers Preview

I was interested in the Burberry line when it launched but never bought anything from them until now.  I think it was a combination of lack of colour choice (there were lots of colours but all much the same) and the packaging (it feels clunky to me).

But I finally caved in and bought two of the new Spring Lip Covers, Golden Peach and Primrose Hill Pink, which I will review in detail later.

Saturday, 16 June 2012
by Unknown

Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush

Before I bought this palette, I had second thoughts about it. Do I really need another bronzer (since I'm not a fan of bronzer)? Do I really need another blush (I have enough to use a different one everyday for a month at least)? Is any bronzer/blush really worth £51?

Yes this bronzer blush is really quite expensive. But it is also very big - in fact one could probably use is as a mini discus. I caved in (for research purposes) since I had £15 worth of reward points at Debenhams (btw I used to snub Debenhams but their Beauty Club reward card is excellent when they have bonus point events!).

Saturday, 9 June 2012
by Unknown

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo in Sable-Émouvant #37

For the Summertime de Chanel collection, I skipped the Sable Beige/Rose Luminous Bronzing Powder as I felt so underwhelmed by them for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I'm not a huge fan of bronzer and with my skin type I don't really need glowy bronzer.  I was also disappointed by the same sort of stripey powder palette again.  Yes I see why they used the stripes again but it just feels a bit boring to see the same sort of thing again.  And generally I feel I have to develop a better edit of products I buy from each collection - rather than buying something because it's the star product or because it's a limited edition collectable.

Anyway now to the product I am reviewing in this post.  By skipping the Luminous Bronzing Powder,  my budget allowed me to pick up Sable-Émouvant.  My first impressions when I saw preview images was yawn - another neutral eyeshadow palette (I have nothing against neutral eyeshadows but you only really need so many of them).  But I changed my mind once I swatched it at the counter.

Saturday, 2 June 2012
by Unknown

Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in Calypso #337

Usually I avoid Chanel Glossimers because they tend to be not very pigmented and all the different shades actually end up looking the same - just glossy & shimmery.  On top of that I'm more of a lipstick girl than lipgloss - I don't like the stickiness and hate getting my hair stuck on my lips.

However, once I swatched Calypso, I wanted to buy it straight away.

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