Lipstick of the day #22 - Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink #30


I have to admit, I wanted to get Primrose Hill Pink just because of the name (for those not familiar, Primrose Hill is an area in London). But luckily Primrose Hill Pink also happens to be a gorgeous pink.

In my review of Golden Peach, I had already raved on about how much I love the Lip Covers. However I forgot to mention that Lip Covers have an 'old school lipstick' smell and taste - it's a bit hard to describe, almost crayony.

I am a fan of wearing fuchsia pink on the lips, but I find I get self conscious sometimes because people stare - bright lip colour is just not 'done' by a lot of women now. Add the workplace factor and my red & bright pink lipsticks only get a workout on nights out.

This is where Primrose Hill Pink fits in. Primrose Hill Pink is a fresh pop of pink just bright enough and not too loud. I find simple eye and face makeup looks best with Primrose Hill Pink - with this colour you want your lips to be the focus.


  1. Golden peach looks insane!

  2. The Lip Mist also has that old-school lipstick scent which I don't like at all. Is that the "signature" scent of all the BBR lip products? LOL

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