Latest Purchases: Burberry Lip Covers Preview


I was interested in the Burberry line when it launched but never bought anything from them until now.  I think it was a combination of lack of colour choice (there were lots of colours but all much the same) and the packaging (it feels clunky to me).

But I finally caved in and bought two of the new Spring Lip Covers, Golden Peach and Primrose Hill Pink, which I will review in detail later.

I quite like the extra packaging - the trench coloured bag with the ribbon is a bit of luxury chic.  I am often disappointed when I buy from a luxury cosmetic brand counter (eg Chanel or Dior) and they put the items in the standard department bag.  I know it is just a bag but when the items are at this pricepoint, I expect more.

Now to the actual lipstick packaging that I don't like.  First it's a bit clunky and cumbersome - they are about the same size as Tom Ford lipsticks but doesn't look as elegant to the eye.  Secondly they use a magnetic closure, which in a way is good because it ensures the lid doesn't accidently slip off.  BUT, and this is probably only annoying to me (because I am an architect and I pick on the tiniest details), when you slip the lid back on, it always does this little clumsy twist thing to align to the magnet.  The magnets are also quite strong, so when you have two next to each other, they repel.  I know I know, it's not a big deal but it bugs me.

I personally think they could have done without Burberry emblazoned on the lipstick, because the trademark Burberry check etched onto the tube is actually quite sleek.

So that's enough complaining.  Next two posts will be about the actual lipstick, which I really really like.  Have you tried Burberry cosmetics?  What's your impressions?


  1. I was at the Burberry counter a few weeks ago, just browsing, but I ended up picking up a couple lipsticks that I probably didn't need haha. I actually love the embossed tartan on the lipstick but it doesn't look so great after use. These colours look beautiful! x

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying it...just followed! I love Burberry lipsticks...they are indeed beautifully packaged. My particular favorite is Cameo, which is a beautiful pale peach cream.

    Enjoy the week,

    --The Beauty Professor

  3. I've never tried this brand since it's a bit too expensive for me. But I love the dark pinky color you chose!

  4. Aleeza - did you get the Lip Covers or Lip Mists?

    The Beauty Professor - Thank you :) I think Cameo is one of those colours that I really like in the tube but wouldn't really work on my colouring :/

  5. Popcorn - They are indeed expensive, but it's good as a treat for yourself every now and then :) I like the pink too but I prefer the orangey peach.

  6. I was sent two deluxe sample sizes along with other Burberry products I'd ordered, and I really like them too! They feel lovely on the lips and are just the right dose of pigmentation. I'm looking forward to your review as both of those shades are one my wishlist :D

  7. Wow! These look beautiful and the packaging is amazing too! I want! x

  8. I got the Lip Covers, my counter does carry the Lip Mists yet :( I think I'll pick a couple up when I go to NY this weekend! x

  9. Beauty obsessed - I should have the Golden Peach review up by Monday. I find UK counters seem to be more stingy with their samples, I had to ask to get the lip mist sample card :/

    2 mates - :)

    Aleeza - Please post reviews on the lip mists when you get them. My gut feeling is that they are a bit too sheer for my pigmented lips.

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