Chanel Le Vernis in Holiday #617


Holiday is the brightest but probably the least interesting of the three le vernis in the Summertime de Chanel collection.  Don't get me wrong - it's a lovely colour (especially against tanned/olive skintones) but I feel it is one where you can easily get a similar sort of colour from any brand.

Holiday is a creme opaque Vermilion orange red with no no shimmer (The MAC Lady Danger of nail polish I suppose).  The colour reminds me of Dior Aloha and OPI Bet It All On OPI - they are not exactly the same but similar enough that you'd only need one of them.

Texture wise, Holiday is easy to apply and coverage is good with two coats.

If you don't have this sort of colour in your nail polish then I would recommend Holiday.  However if you have something similar, then I would save your money and wait for the upcoming le vernis (Diwali, Sky Line and the Autumn/Fall Frenzy & Vertigo).


  1. Hawt colour. Top of my list!

  2. This colour looks amazing! I haven't tried any Chanel polishes before but hopefully very soon!

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  4. It is a gorgeous color but I do agree that we can easily find dupes for it. Love how it looks on your nails though!!!

  5. It looks beautiful on your nails! Am so soooo soooo tempted to buy this now. Waiting for the fall collection colors..Diwali is not really my kind of color and Skyline seems interesting but not sure how it will look on me....but whyyyy oh whyyy is Chanel taking forever getting the Bombay Express collection! I was thinking it would be out some time now..

  6. S.Lenny & november spell - definitely hot colour :)

    Dugongsss - You have to try one when you get the chance...and then you might be hooked for a long time after that!

    Aldara - Thank you I will check out your blog

    Shannyn - Thanks :) It's not one of those easily recognised Chanel colours but it is very pretty. A lot of brands carry a similar colour for a lot cheaper...

    Radhika - I am waiting for the Bombay collection too! Seems like its taking forever. I like Diwali from the show photos - it looked good on the models! I hope it's not too yellowish. I agree, light blue tends to look washed out on me so will have to see Skyline in person first.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. x

  7. Great summer color!! Reminds me of the Sephora+Pentone Universe color of the year :)

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