Chanel Le Vernis in Delight #607


To be honest, initially I disappointed and really regretted getting Delight.  I was low on time so I grabbed all three summer nail polishes without examining the colours properly.  I painted it on my toes and it looked a bit too yellow-gold - in the bottle it has a slight pinkyish bronzey tinge.

I wasn't really looking forward to painting my finger nails this colour - I thought it would look too bling flashy and it would be too yellow toned for me...cue Goldfinger a la Shirley Bassey.  But I painted them for blog photos purposes and I was pleasantly surprised - Delight is actually quite delightful (see what I did there).

As you can see, Delight is very metallic and very shimmery, so it's best avoided if you need to dress conservatively.  The texture is slightly gritty due to the amount of shimmer particles.  Two coats will give a nice finish.

As you can see here, Delight isn't really a true gold - it has a tinge of rose gold.  I've grown to like this colour.  Did or would you buy it?


  1. I purchased two! Although my favorite is Island

  2. Lol how many of Island did you get then? x

  3. What a gorgeous colour - is it new? I've never noticed it in store...


  4. Alex - it's one of the new colours from the Summer Collection

  5. I have purchased it too. To me it's a sophisticated gold.

  6. I saw this just when the fall season had begun to be sold in a Sephora and asked if they have in stock, when they said no, I went everywhere I could to find the last one! I got obsessed with this the first time I swatched it and gonna be wearing on a very important night for me, my first nail polish love is Frisson and this one was rather an obsession!

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