June Favourites & Randomness


  1. Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink- second favourite lipstick for June
  2. Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach - favourite lipstick for June
  3. Chanel Glossimer in Calypso -not a gloss girl but I love this colour
  4. Boots No. 7 Gold Glitter Top Coat - I use this over my nail polish when it's looking a bit tired but I haven't got time to redo my nails.
  5. Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra -I've been wearing this as bronzer/blush for most of June, mainly because it look good + it's convenient since it's all in one compact.  I still hate the smell though.
  6. Chanel Island - my favourite from the Chanel summer polishes
  7. Dior Bikini - best of the summer corals
  8. Chanel Diwali - review will be posted next week
  9. YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Aquatique - to be reviewed, my views on these are mixed but I like them enough to be included in this month's favourite
  10. YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve - as above
  11. Chanel Sable-Émouvant -haven't been wearing much eyeshadow but when I have, it's been this because it goes with any lipstick/blush.

Some of the perfumes I have been reaching for.

What's in my handbag makeup bag - not surprisingly it is pretty much as the same as my post from a year ago.  I keep my touch up essentials with me all the time so they've pretty much been edited down to what suits me best (I don't like the term 'Holy Grails', but I supposed these are some of them).  The only thing I really change around is my lipstick.  I keep a coral and a pink cream blush (to match whatever lipstick I'm wearing that day) with me for touch ups.  I also keep the UD eyeliner from the Naked Palette in this bag as it has both brown & black.

I've been meaning to post about these in my favourites posts but I keep forgetting.  As you can you see I love REN's Moroccan Rose Otto body products - the smell is sublime.

Coldplay concert - I bought the tickets last year and by the time the concert rolled around, I wasn't that excited about seeing them anymore :/

Now for the obligatory food photos.  It's been an abysmal summer in London so far but I'm still drinking Pimms no matter what (for those who are not familiar, Pimms is a summer alcoholic drink mixed with lemonade, and has pieces of mint, strawberries, orange and cucumber in it.  Yes cucumber).  Second photo is from Tony Roma's - I love Tony Roma's but unfortnately there's only one restaurant near London (Kingston). We trekked all the way there because I had a craving.

Now for some Asian food.  Xiao long bao from Leong's Legend.  XLB are little parcels of bliss - dumplings with a pork & broth filling.  Now there are lots of pretend Vietnamese restaurants in London (including one called 'Pho' which is terrible), and some okay ones on Kingsland Road, but none of them serve anything that resembles proper Pho.  The only place I have Pho in London is Cafe East - this is as authentic as you can get in London.

Chocolates from Stockholm.  Artwork found at Baker Street station (can't wait for new season of Sherlock - whenever that will be)

Out & about in London.  Me at the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park - which I didn't know about until we walked by it (?!).  This year's Serpentine Pavilion by Herzog & de Meuron - do not like - I was really expecting more from them.  It's very bunkerish.

And some photos of nails stuff.  I think for July I will take a photo of every manicure I do, just for fun.


  1. i really have to track down that boots top coat! great find.

  2. such a cool post :) i like it in this way! thank you!

  3. Loved this post! And I adore your makeup bag! It's difficult to find the full range of Anya Hindmarch products where I am :(.

  4. I am loving that Dior Bikini colour, fab! I am a huge Sherlock fan, I don't think the next series is out until 2013 :(!

  5. Beautiful photos :) I love your ribbon bow ring!

  6. theglossarie - if you're in the uk, make sure you use the £5 No. 7 voucher...then it's only £3, bargain :)

    Maria - thank you, glad you like it!

    Aleeza - luckily there are Anya stores here so it's easy to track down things. But I checked the website and the price has gone up by a lot since I bought it! It seems ridiculously expensive for a nylon bag now (not that it wasn't expensive before, you know what I mean)

    Roses and Rockets - I know, it's such a long wait when each season is only 3 episodes long!

    Larie - Thank you :) I love the ring too, it was a gift :D

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