Lipstick of the day #15 - Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante #38


La Fascinante #38 is a beautiful classic red and it is the featured colour in the Chanel Allure Velvet launch.

I have already reviewed La Ravissante in detail and the texture of La Fascinante is exactly the same, so I will let the photos do most of the talking.

La Fascinante is the"look at me" shade of the range - a matte blue based red with a bit of luminosity. In the bullet it looks a lot darker and looks like it would be a difficult colour to wear (particularly if you don't usually wear red lipstick).

I found this lipstick can easily be worn during the day as a light stain - I applied it very lightly to my top lip with a lipbrush and pressed my lips together, and then evened out the colour - the result was a pretty berry stain.  This look cannot be achieved with the usual matte lipstick, such as MAC, as their texture tend to be a lot drier and for the reason, a lot harder to work with.

This photo shows the lipstick is not completely flat - it reflects light very slightly without being shiny.

Personally I love La Fascinante and I think it's a great red lipstick to invest in.  A word of warning for those with dry lips - although Chanel claims it is moisturising, I still find the formula a bit drying and it will emphasise any flakes/dry skin on your lips.

For those with red phobia, ask your counter for the sample card - La Fascinante is one of the four colours.  Experiment at home before being pressured into buying.


  1. Do they give sample cards? Does it mean you can test the lipstick from a clean/ unused sample card? Thanks.

  2. London girl - They had sample cards when the lipstick first launched but I don't think they would have them anymore. If you want to try the lipstick on your lips, they should clean the lipstick with alcohol for you, and it should be ok. Otherwise sometimes you get lucky if they have brand new testers.

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