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I was invited to a Nails Inc. bloggers evening for the launch of the new Magnetic Polishes.  I was very curious to try it as I have heard about them but have never actually tried them.

The premise is that you hold a magnet over your just applied, still wet nail polish.  The magnet attracts the metallic particles in the nail polish, and therefore creates a wavy pattern on the surface.

I gave my nail technician Orla creative license and told her she could do any design/colour she wanted, as long as it incorporated both silver and purple.  She decided on the half & half effect and here are the steps she used:

  1. First she applied a base coat and one thin coat of the purple magnetic polish.
  2. Then she applied the silver magnetic polish to one side of the nail, and immediately held the magnet over it, before moving onto the next nail.
  3. After she had done all 10 nails with the silver half, she did the same with the purple on the other half.
  4. She then finished it with a quick drying topcoat.

I was quite surprised by the finished effect - it's very different to my usual nails look (I tend to avoid nail art) but I do like it.  I would say this half & half effect is more suitable for the weekend because I did find myself hiding my nails a little in the office.  I feel the look is more toned down when only one colour is used.

The range has three colours at the moment, in the order of the strongest effect to the most subtle - Trafalgar Square (silver), Houses of Parliament (purple) and Big Ben (gold).

Nails Inc. has also launched Magnetise Me, where you can upload a photo of yourself and your magnetised nails.  By doing so you will be entered into a competition to win a £3000 shopping spree and a weekly prize of a manicure and a goody bag from Nails Inc.

p.s. I think this image from UK Vogue is stunning.

The fine print:  I received the manicure and a goodies bag courtesy of Nails Inc, but was not asked to post about the event nor the polishes.  I wrote about them because most girls I know are curious about magnetic polishes but are not sure about how they work or what the result looks like.

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