Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter


This has been sold out in my local Waitrose for months, so when I saw them on the shelf I grabbed two, even though I haven't used them before.
So why a baby product?  I've read about the hype on them from various UK websites and newspapers for a while now, but never really looked out for it.  It's a totally natural cream made of olive oil, vanillin and chamomile oil.  Now the hype has been about using it as a night cream, but for me this would be much too greasy.  It is basically solidified olive oil which smells like vanilla (I really like the smell actually), and it takes quite a while to absorb - it just kinda sits there.  I only use it as a body moisturiser - it is really quite good for dry elbows.

A totally natural cream with nothing artificial, no parabens and no preservatives for £2.54.  I think it's a great buy.


  1. I want to try! =) I'm already starting to imagine what it smells like! Mmmmm..

  2. It smells a bit like MAC lipglass!

  3. Do you know if we can find this product inside USA?

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