Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Vermeer


Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of those brands that I've wanted to try for a long time but in one way or another have delayed purchasing.  Not being able to actually see, touch and try the products at a counter is one of the.  Cost, on top of the former reason, is another.

So I had to rely on blogs for swatches of the products.  Being a BIG cheek product fan, I decided to try the Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand Cheeks in Bloom in Vermeer.  (Yes, RBR products have wonderful and whimsical names that are a bit long and hard to remember.)

I originally wanted to try Goya (peachy coral) but alas it was not in stock during the promotion on Zuneta.  So I went for my next choice which is Vermeer - a very natural powdery rose pink.

The first thing I noticed was the size - because I had not seen the product in person before, I was expecting a tube the size of a Nars multiple or similar.  But these Blush Wands are teeny tiny!

Second thing I noticed was the packaging - it is very pretty but the printed flowers seem a bit too overly embellished for me.  There is also a small protective plastic cap, which unfortunately for me I didn't negotiate very well and hence the big dent in the first photo.  But luckily this is not part of the actual wand case.

Now onto the actual blush.  I love the texture of this - it is very easy to apply but it is not as oily as cream blushes in compacts.  I should theoretically warm the product up on the back of my hand before applying, but I have found it's not necessary.  I dab the wand straight onto the apple of my cheeks and blend blend blend.  It dries to a powder finish but it is still a little bit dewy.

As for lasting power, it doesn't last the whole day for me as I have oily/combination skin.  But this is the case for me for most (if not all) cream blushes so it is not the fault of this product.  In spite of that I still use cream blushes because they give you a natural flush not achieveable with a powder blush.

Bottom line - I love it but I feel £28 is a bit pricey.  One to look out for during promotion code times!

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