Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Initiale #72


Recently I have tried to cut down on my beauty purchases, hence the lack of posts in August (but that is also due to time issues).  Instead of buying almost everything that looked good/interesting, I have been editing my wishlist down to the essential "must-buys" from each collection (I skipped the entire Dior Autumn collection).

At first I thought I had to have Lumiere d'Artifices, the stripey sequin palette from the Chanel Autumn 2012 collection.  But after looking at swatch photos and trying it in store, it's a big no for me - the colour just doesn't show up on me.  Then I thought is it absolutely necessary to buy Rose Initiale, another pink blush?

Well I caved and bought it.  I have a thing for Joues Contrastes and I like to collect them.  And when I put Rose Initiale next to my other Joues Contraste, it looks dissimilar enough to justify my purchase.

The closest Joues Contrastes I have to Rose Initiale is probably Rose Pétale, which is not as cool as Rose Initiale.

My Rose Initiale was slightly chipped at the edge during transit/manufacture - and I knew why once I applied it.  Rose Initiale is much softer than my other Joues Contraste blushes - the lightest touch with my Shu Uemura blush brush picks up a lot of pigment.

Rose Initiale is cool blue based powder pink with some shimmer (which is present in all Joues Contrastes).  Compared to other swatches, I think it rounds up my Joues Contraste collection rather nicely.

I didn't think of it at the time I took my photos, but after some quick swatches, Rose Initiale is a bit similar to NARS Angelika, but not quite as blue and without the glitters.

What do you think of Rose Initiale?


  1. Rose Initiale is so pretty! I am still thinking, if I should get it or not. The colour is 'wow' but I am a bit scared of the shimmer there. I need to test it a second time for sure. I wasn't a fan of the highlighter either. The more swatches I see from Fleur de Lotus the more I want it (okay, it is already on my wish list). You have a well selected Chanel blush collection btw.

  2. ooooooo chanel *makes cooing make up noises* These look gorgeous! I love the lighter pinks as they're all so pretty!

  3. Ohh it's gorgeous! I'm on a spending ban though so will have to avoid Chanel counters for a while I think! x

  4. Claire - Thank you :) The shimmer in Joues Contrastes are quite subtle - it's not like NARS. You will barely notice it once it's on your cheeks. Fleur de Lotus is one of my favourites!

    DawnieP - Love the baby cooing noise!

    Ellie - Yes, if you're on a ban, avoid. Otherwise you'll just keep thinking about whatever you had your eye on at the counters...

  5. I love your blog! Chanel is one of my favorite beauty brands!

  6. Beautiful swatches! I missed out on In Love and Candy! Both look so nice.

  7. Oh my...I keep trying to resist this blush, but it gets harder and harder - it's so lovely! I believe the ingredients contain lanolin which I'm allergic to, which is helping me stay strong, but...its a battle all the time! :D

  8. Weekdayswithv - If I could only use one brand, I'd definitely pick Chanel - its my favourite too

    Jacqueline - Thanks! I think In Love is a permanent shade in the UK. Not sure which collection Candy was from but Harrods stocked a few hard to find colours when they had the Chanel exhibition - that was when I bought it.

    Toyarosie - Oh no really? Well I don't think it matters how beautiful a blush is if you're allergic to one of the ingredients! What a shame...but probably good for your wallet :)

  9. Is the rose initiale like Nymph by Illamasqua? I do like Nymph as it's so fresh but this is less matte, which could be the solution ...

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