Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy #559


This post is a little late but I hope it will be useful to my London readers.  I still find it really irritating that the UK gets every seasonal makeup behind the rest of the world - but hopefully the pop-up boutique at Covent Garden makes it a bit better for Chanel lovers.  The autumn collection is now in store at the pop-up before all the other counters (they will have the autumn collection on the 24th I believe).

As I have mentioned before I usually want any nail polish featured at the Chanel fashion shows, and Frenzy was no exception.  In the preview photos, Frenzy looked like a unique blend of pale grey and lavender - something that I thought is not available in any other brand.

I think a lot of people thought Frenzy would be in a similar neutral vein to Particuliére, but next to each other, they are quite different.

And here is Frenzy next to Dior Incognito.  Now cast your eye to the bottle on the left.

In the bottle Frenzy looks extremely similar to Nails Inc Porchester Square, which has been one of their main line colours for a few years now.  Suddenly Frenzy doesn't look so unique anymore.  When swatched, Porchester Square is a darker shade and has more lavender tone in it.  They are different but probably similar enough not to have both. (Sorry I will try to post a comparison photo later, I haven't had the chance this weekend)

I was a little bit disappointed in Frenzy - it didn't show up quite as lovely and pale grey as the runway backstage photos.  But it is still an understated and beautiful neutral - it's very elegant and will go with almost anything.

Did you get your hands on Frenzy yet?  What other items did you pick up from the Chanel autumn collection?

Random photo.  I just thought it's quite lovely to have Chanel stamped on the bottom of the bottle as well.

And FYI Londoners - every £25 purchase entitles you to a shape & polish manicure at the Covent Garden pop-up on the same day.  It wasn't explained to me properly previously but this is not a walk-in service - you have to make an appointment and a £25 booking fee is required.  The booking fee is then redeemable against purchase.  I have an appointment for later this week and I shall do a mini review then.


  1. I picked up Rose Initiale Blush. Love it so much! Frenzy looks great on you.


  2. It is elegant, I agree, but I think there are a lot of affordable dupes out there. It's really not a unique shade!

  3. I've been waiting for this collection because of that polish!! I'm a little disappointed that its not that unique but I think I'll still get it because I dont have Porchester Sq. Gonna wait for the Fall collection to go to the counters so I can use my HoF vouchers and Boots Advantage Points, will have to visit the pop up store at some point though :)

  4. Ah, this looks terribly sophisticated! It's quite beautiful, even though it may not be what you hoped. It looks absolutely lovely on your nails (you have fabulous nails, btw!)!

  5. Is it just me or does Chanel always have the best colors??? I'm STILL obsessed with the denim collection. Will definitely be adding these to my personal collection. :)


  6. Do you know if the shape & polish is a permanent service? Thank you! This is a great post!

  7. JoanneP - I picked up Rose Initiale the other day as well :)

    Lulle - I agree it's a classic but available in other brands

    JA_UK - Yes! I'm all for using loyalty points! I think I'm going to use mine for Vertigo

    Miss Kwong - It is!

    Beauty Obsessed - Thank you x

    LadyLux - Yes I think Chanel has the nicest colours, consistently with each collection

    Ra - Yes it is. The manicures are done in the basement level. The manicure I had was really nice but I didn't like the hard sell afterwards. During the 'dry-time' I was semi forced into a makeover feel like you have to purchase more than you originally intended. Not good for those who are easily pushed into unnecessary purchases

  8. By manicure I mean shape & polish. They don't do cuticle work. Makeover lady was different to the manicure lady

  9. Love the nude colour:-)

  10. Frenzy looks gorgeous! x

  11. Nailsbyelin - It is gorgeous

    Ellie - It does! I wonder if they'll keep it as a permanent shade like Particuliere?

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