I'm moving so I'm having a Blog Sale - Updated


I will be moving apartments (again) soon so I've decided to have a bit of a clear out.  Some items are back-ups so they are brand new, others are slightly used but I don't want to throw them out because it seems like a bit of a waste.  Please have a look and leave a comment below / send me an email if you're interested.  The sale is limited to UK and Europe at the moment.


MAC Melon Pigment - £10 (RRP £16.50 for new smaller 4.5g jar) - used

This is the old pigment packaging that holds 7.5g of product.  As you can see I've hardly used any of it - it's almost as if the jar is never ending.  Gorgeous colour but I'm just not into MAC anymore.

new cid i-gloss in Baby Doll - £7 (RRP £16) - brand new in box

Received this full sized gloss in a beauty box (can't remember which one).  Has a built in mirror (on the back of the tube) and a light that goes on when gloss is opened - nice for those who go clubbing but clearly I'm too old for that.  I think the colour has been discontinued - it's a rosy pink with subtle shimmer which would suit most people (it's a very Burberry-esque colour).



Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten - £7 (RRP £13) - used

Lovely shade but now have something similar in another eyeshadow palette, so it has been abandoned at the back of the eyeshadow drawer.  Used about 10 times.


Shu Uemura Pro Concealer in 5YR Medium Light - £12 (RRP £17) - brand new in box

Obviously I went a little nuts with my Shu Uemura back-ups.  Colour is too light for me now.
(I have another brand new one but in the old bigger compact for £7.  The product is still fine - no bubbles or oil at the surface)

Reviews: Makeupalley

Korres Echinacea Soap for Oily Skin - £2 (RRP £4) - brand new in plastic case

This product is no longer in production.  I received it in the Liberty GWP beauty bag but don't like using soap bars. From the packaging (they need a better copy-writer):

A glycerine-based soap, which effectively removes impurities from the skin.  Echinacea and Thyme possess profound antiseptic properties improving the condition of oily, acne-prone skin.  Wheat proteins' moisturising action does not allow deeply cleansed skin to dry out.


Urban Decay Original Naked Palette - £23 (RRP £36) - used (SOLD - Ina)

I don't use this palette enough to keep it.  Slightly used as shown in below photos, does NOT include mini primer potion or brush/eyeliner.  If you really want the mini primer, I can send it to you but I'm not sure how hygienic that would be since I used it once :/

NARS Blush in Orgasm - £16 (RRP £21) - brand new in box (SOLD - Ina)

I bought this as a back-up a while ago but no longer needing it.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Rajasthan - £20 (RRP £24) - used (SOLD - Get Lippie)

Limited edition eyeshadow duo from Fall 2010 collection - no longer available in store. Used golden shade approx 7-10 times, blue shade hardly used.

Reviews and more photos: Temptalia and The Beauty Look Book

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana - £2 (RRP £29) - used + cracked packaging (SOLD - To Wanderlust)

I've priced this one extremely low because the packaging is in a bit of a state.  There are two cracks in lid as shown in below photos and there is a lot of the usual NARS wear & tear on the tube.  The twisting mechanism still works but sometimes does not wind all the way down (but nothing a push cannot fix).  I have tried to clean it up as much as possible.  The colour is too pale for me.  There is still a lot of product left so I hope it goes to a good home.

Review & photos: The Beauty Look Book and MakeupAlley

Stila Love at First Blush - £9 (RRP £12) - used with original box (SOLD - Jetleyface)

This blush was launched in early 2012 and is no longer available.  Used less than 5 times as I have similar blushes.  No visible surface use except for middle pink section on one of the hearts.  in very good condition.

Review & photos

Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil in Seal Brown 02 - £10 (RRP not sure) - brand new (SOLD - beautylove27)

This is a classic but I have too many of them as back-ups.  Has been knife sharpened in store by makeup artist, so original packaging has been opened, but item is unused.

Reviews: MakeupAlley

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in OR 540 - £5 (RRP £19) - used, tube is the original version (SOLD - beautylove27)

The packaging has been revamped but the colour is still the same (I think).  Shu Uemura is known for their strange numbering system - this colour doesn't apply orange on me at all.  It is more of a reddish pink with some shimmer.

Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty - £8 (RRP not sure, not available in UK) - brand new & sealed (SOLD - Lucy)

Another back-up but not required as it takes forever to finish.  Lovely natural flushed stain for cheek and lips.

Review & photos

HD Brows Brow Powder Palette in Bombshell - £4 (RRP £20) - new in box, product slightly damaged (SOLD - To Wanderlust)

I received this in a beauty box but I don't use brow powders.  The palette is brand new but there is a mark from manufacture/transit on one of the colours.  The packaging is not the sturdiest/most elegant but there's a good selection of shades in the one palette.

Reviews (in other shades): Liberty London Girl and Milkteef

Konjac Sponge - French Green Clay for normal to oily skin - £3 (RRP £6.50) - brand new in sealed packaging (SOLD - Jetleyface)

ANOTHER back-up!  I like to use this for morning cleansing.

MAC Sweet Lust Eye Shadow - £4 (RRP £12) - used (SOLD - Georgia)

Used x 30 approx (Not sure because who counts?)  There is a gentle dent from use in the product.

MAC Swimming Eye Shadow - £4 (RRP £12) - used (SOLD - Georgia)

Used x 20 approx.  There is a gentle dent from use in the product.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Marvel - £4 (RRP £15.50) - brand new in box (SOLD - Bethany)

This shade is no longer available in store.  I received this in a beauty box but it doesn't suit my colouring.

Review & photos: Bless My Bag

Stella in Two Peony EDT 50ml - £30 (RRP £38?) - brand new in sealed box (SOLD)

This perfume has been discontinued and no longer available in store.  The above left photo is the bottle I already have, I am selling the one on the right.  I received this as a gift but I don't really use it enough to need a back-up.

Reviews: Basenotes


UK: £3 by First Class mail
Europe: £4 by Airmail
Insured Special Delivery: POA, depends on item and location

Payment by Paypal only

Conditions of sale:

No returns and no refunds.  Items are as described and pictured above.  Sorry but I cannot hold responsibility for lost or damaged packages (unless buyer pays extra for special delivery which will be insured). I will wrap all items in bubble wrap/padded mail bag to ensure its safety & comfort during its journey.

See something you fancy? Comment below or send me an email :)


  1. Copacobana and hd brows please xx

  2. Hi there:)
    Can I please get shu uemura seal brown and lipstick in or540?:) my PayPal is: edunwoodie@yahoo.co.uk.
    Been looking for seal brown for ages...yey:)
    Thank u

  3. Hello, I have sent an email asking for the Tarte blush and the Shu eyebrow pencil. Thanks in advance x

  4. Hey could I please have the Stila love at first blush & the Konjac sponge to the UK please :) jadejetley@hotmail.co.uk x x

  5. To Wanderlust - I will an invoice to the other email address.

    Beautylove27 - Payment received! Thank you x

    lucymolyneux - That was super fast payment! You are first on the wait list for the Shu Brow pencil if payment falls through from the buyer.

    Jetleyface - Sending invoice now :)

    Wow that was super quick response girls! Thank you!!!

  6. No problem:) can't wait to recieve items;)
    Thanks again,

  7. Thanks , payment sent. I'm excited now x

  8. Hello Gorgeous! Can I take NARS Rajasthan off your hands, please? Luce_28@yahoo.com

  9. To Wanderlust - payment received, thank you!

    Get Lippie - Yes your first comment went through, everyone does that with their first comment on my blog :) Of course, sending invoice now x

  10. could I please have the 2 mac eyeshadows? paypal and email is mailgeorgia@mail.com.x

  11. Hi can I have the illamasqua pigment please x bethany835@gmail.com please send me an invoice x

  12. Bethany - Just sent you the invoice.

  13. Received my goodies:) thank you so much. So nice to have seal brown back in my life! Emxxx

  14. Hi sylvie!
    Is stella peony in two still available? I'm terribly interested :D

  15. Beautylove27 - good to know you've received your parcel. I didn't realise Seal Brown brow pencil was so hard to come by/

    Nita - Sorry but someone contacted me on Saturday afternoon for the Stella :(

  16. oh no...probably the last bottle on earth of my favourite fragrance, too bad...Thanks anyway!

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