August Favourites & Randomness


August Favourites post is a tiny bit late because I totally forgot - August just went by so quickly.  My August makeup look was mainly a bronzed flushed look or a very simple bright statement lip.  I didn't use highlighters very much since my skin naturally veers (often dangerously) shiny/glowy in summer.

    • 09. and 10. Burberry Eye Shadows in Dark Sable and Mulberry - August hasn't been much of an eyeshadow month but when I did wear them, I reached for these.
    • 11. Le Labo Bergamote 22 - my perfume for summer
    • 12. Chanel Frenzy 
    • 13. Chanel Distraction
    • 14. Dior Bikini
    • 15 Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil - Recently I panicked when I thought they had been discontinued in the UK as i couldn't find them on the Avon website.  So when I saw them again I grabbed SIX.  These are phenomenal for lining the top waterline.
    • 16. Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara - I've been using more than my Benefit They're Real this month.  A very good drugstore mascara - I always stock up on Masterpiece mascaras when they're on 3 for 2 special at Boots.
    • 17. Chanel Vertigo - to be reviewed soon.  I tried this shade for my Chanel manicure and it's a weird colour that looks quite good on the hands
    • 18. Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper - for lazy days - just swipe and go

    Top Left: The end of the London Olympics.  TV was VERY boring after the Olympics finished.
    Top Right: When you buy something at The Covent Garden pop-up, you get a black perspex tag - I quite like it but it's kinda useless too.
    Bottom Left: My Vertigo manicure from the pop-up.
    Bottom Right: Random fox with monocle and a drink in the mens wear section of Selfridges

    In other news, I think I have found a new apartment.  August has been a very stressful month for me - rental flat hunting in London is not fun...lots of overpriced shoeboxes.  I have paid a holding deposit for the studio but haven't signed contracts etc yet - let's hope everything works out!


    1. ohh the Nars Laguna bronzer looks gorgeous. haha When I save enough money, I will definitely splurge on a bronzer. :)

    2. LOVE the pictures in this post... especially the first one - so much pretty pink! Haha, thanks for sharing your favorites - I loved reading about them! :)

    3. good luck with all the moving stuff! How does the kevyn aucoin creamy glow wear on you? I had intended to get one earlier in the summer but it barely lasted an hour on me! :( Love all your favorites this month, and especially can't wait to try some Becca! :)

    4. Popcorn - Sometimes it's worth spending on quality not quantity - it feels great to save for something you really covet.

      Blog Rince - Thank you! Yes the first photo it pink/peach/coral overload

      Bronzerbunny - I'm not sure how long it lasts exactly but I have found that after you apply, you need to wait a few minutes and let it settle - then you will see the colour doesn't look as pigmented as you left it and you need to add a bit more. This is not just for Kevyn Aucoin but all cream blushes!

    5. I love the lipstick colors! Gorgeous :)

    6. Thanks Katherine, I love them too :)

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