Chanel Le Vernis in Vertigo #563


Vertigo is one of those colours you either love or hate.  I didn't commit to buying it until I had a manicure done at the Covent Garden pop-up store - and then I knew I had to have it in collection.

First impressions.  It's a sludgey non-decript kind of colour - from some angles it looks almost black, and from other angles or light source it looks like a purpley grey.

And then it hits you when you see the subtle red shimmer in the sun.

In the below swatch photo, I could not capture the red shimmer - as with the case with a lot of Chanel polishes, the shimmer is more obvious in the bottle than on the nails.

I really like this shade - it's the kind of colour I had hoped Paradoxal would be - a dark masculine vampish shade that flatters my skintone.

Here's a photo of the manicure I had at the pop-up - she did a really good job - it wasn't a typical slap and dash kind of file & polish.

Vertigo is not everyone's cup of tea though - have you seen this in person?  What do you think?


  1. You're right - this IS a good mani job! And the shade looks GREAT on you. Too bad I just can't get down with it for me, it's too close to charcoal or something. I normally don't mind too much about the hidden shimmer - I loved Paradoxal - but this is too dark for me :(

  2. I love your ring! Can I ask where it is from?

  3. That is a lovely colour!

  4. Vertigo is definitely one of my favs...I LOVE your ring! Like the previous comment..I would love to know where you got it's very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry pretttty :D

  5. Toyarosie - Yup, Goi (sp?) did a very good job - she was ultra careful when painting! That's too bad that Vertigo doesn't work for you though :(

    Ra & Radhika - It's the Bow Ring from Tiffanys - it is pretty but it's high maintenance! It always gets caught on things.

    Annie - it sure is :)

  6. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, you deserve to be mentioned <3

    ~ Claire ~

  7. Thanks a lot for the info!

  8. Ooh I haven't seen this one before - looks really lovely! I may have to look into this one! :)

  9. Wow, this shade really looks beautiful!! I LOVE it!! <3

    Stop by some time:)


    Mia's Little Corner

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