Chanel Le Vernis in Provocation


For Vogue's Fashion Night Out, Chanel released 3 'twin sets' of matching nail polishes and Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks.  My interest was piqued only by Provocation - the darkest shade of the three.  I was temporarily tempted to buy the matching lipstick Provocative when I was in line at the Covent Garden pop-out - but then decided it's probably wiser to wait for Rouge Noir in thenew Rouge Allure formula.

At the Covent Garden pop-up, the twin sets were dispensed in these 'vending machines'.  There was a huge line as people were lining up thinking there were freebies to be had for FNO.  When I finally made it into the boutique, I wasn't given a lot of browsing time (in fact none) and was basically asked what I wanted to pick up.  This was another factor why I didn't pick up the lipstick - the service at the pop-up is very hot and cold - some SAs have been lovely and some not so lovely.  I did swatch Provocative but wasn't really given time to swatch the others (they looked a bit blah anyway to be honest).

Anyway, I was given a token to put into the vending machine and a hand doing a Shade Parade sort of dance picked my purchase and handed it over in the collection box.  The nail polish was wrapped and had a special gift bag - which made it quite nice.

Anyway, onto the actual review.  Provocation is a deep vampy grape with no shimmer.  The texture is a perfect for application and two coats gives very good coverage.

Provocation is not quite as dark as Vertigo and not quite as burgundyish red as Rouge Noir.

On the nails it is a dramatic vampish shade.  I like it a lot.  It certainly seemed to be the most popular choice at FNO - did/will you pick up Provocation?


  1. wwoww definitely a really really pretty shade! The only thing that would prevent me from picking this up is the price :( haha

  2. I wanted to go to the pop up store on Thursday but ended up getting my Provocation twinset at the Bond St store. I was intending to get all 3 sets but the other shades didnt work for me, they were a bit meh.

    The new lipsticks are out at the counters this week and I plan to get my Rouge Noir, I may get it from Covent Garden :)

    The polish looks gorge on you btw!

  3. I did pick up all 3 polishes, but nothing has reached me yet...I have been having problems with awfully slowly delivery with Chanel for some time now :((

    The color looks so pretty on you..but going by the photos online I was expecting something very different...

  4. I love the shade on you! It does remind me a bit of OPI's Lincoln Park in the Dark though... how does it compare?

  5. Popcorn - that is the case with most Chanel makeup ;p

    JA UK - Thank you! I think the Rouge Allures are only available at the pop-up from this Friday...I was told they won't be launched at other counters until later in the month.

    Radhika - My swatch photo is a bit dark - it looks more purple IRL

    Itsykitsy - That is such a cute name. I'm not an OPI fan so I don't have Lincoln Park in the Dark. But from looking at swatch photos, Provocation is more purple.

  6. I finally got the nail polishes today..and you are right, the polish is a bit more purple than this..but I had a brighter purple in my head from the promo images :D

  7. I've tagged you in a Liebster Award! :) I love your blog!

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