Nails of the day #9 - Chanel Le Vernis in April #533


Out of the three Le Vernis for Chanel Harmonie de Printemps Spring 2012 Collection, I only picked up April, as May & June were too washed-out pastel for my skintone.  In fact I think I wouldn't have purchased April at all if my birthday wasn't in April.

Here is a picture of April compared to a proper red.  April is a cream muted garnet without any shimmer.  The texture of this particular polish is very nice - much smoother and easier to apply than my other Chanel polishes.  Overall I feel April is nice but not quite a spring colour for me - I think it looks more like a September.


  1. High five for Chanel Le Vernis April! My dear bf's birthday is in April, but I didn't get it due to this reason, but because I'm really loving the colour! :)

    Btw, have I ever told you how much I adore your logo and watermark? Wished I had something as nice too! :/

  2. I agree that it's not quite a springy colour but it's still pretty :-)

  3. I bought the June today!

  4. Jess - Awww thank you, you're too kind! It was a very quick photoshop job.

    Lyn - Yes I like it but still not for a spring collection...

    Fi - Why did you pick June and not the others?

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