Stila Love at First Blush


I have to admit Stila Love at First Blush was a bit of an impulse/cheap-thrill buy for me.  I didn't need another pink blush but thought I would feature it for Valentine's Day*, since quite a few people were interested in the blush when I posted some preview images for Stila's spring collection.

Love at First Blush consists of three different shades - pale pink highlight with shimmer/glitter, neutral matte pink in the middle, and cool pink with shimmer/glitter at the bottom.

The packaging reminds me a bit of Shu Uemura or Calvin Klein makeup (if you're old enough to remember when they were around) - minimalist lucite compacts.  I had trouble opening this compact as there is no release button and the catch on the lid is far too tight.

I think the product itself looks wonderful - it is quite well done for its price.  I was a little bit disappointed when I swatched it in store - the powder felt a bit rough (and the glitter a bit gritty).  But when I got home I swatched some NARS blushes and the texture was about the same.  Perhaps I had been spoilt by Chanel & Dior blushes recently.

(Sorry the lens I was using blurred more of the swatches than I had expected, but you get the general idea of the colour)

Used on its own I feel the highlight shade is a bit too obvious - it's just a bit too frost and glittery.  But combined with the other shades, it is lovely.  As with similar blush palettes with a few different colours (Blush Horizon de Chanel etc), you can get different colours by using certain sections of the palette.

I pulled out a couple of similar pink blushes I have and decided to compare them with Love at First Blush.  Bar the glitter, I think Love at First Blush is actually quite similar in colour to Dior Rosy Glow.  The glitter is on par with what you get with NARS Angelika - definitely not for those with glitter phobia.

I have to admit I was quite disappointed at first to see this palette was made in China.  However, I wore this blush today and I was impressed - it's very pigmented but did not go on patchy.  I have worn it for 10 hours now and the blush hasn't faded one bit.

Love at First Blush is available now at London Harvey Nichols for £12 (I have yet to see it available any where else).

* Only because it has the cute hearts design.  If you are one of those people who depises the very idea of Valentine's Day then just pretend you didn't read this bit.


  1. It looks so pretty! It's too bad Stila pulled out of my country a few years ago so I'd need to go hunt for this online.

  2. lyn - Stila pretty much disappeared for a couple of years :/ The counters are only just reappearing in London now. Good news is lots of online shops stock Stila now though.

    november spell - ♥

  3. This blush is so pretty! I'm going to try it out! Lovely blog,now following! xoxo

  4. Amy Beth - Thanks for following :)

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