Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quad in Éclosion #34 Spring 2012


My initial reaction when I saw this Éclosion was - peach & plummy brown together on the eyes? Will it be wearable?!  After wearing it for the last few days I can safely say yes.

Being in the UK, I can only access baked versions of Chanel eyeshadow quads.  This particular palette had a very grainy and uneven finish - the above photo was taken before I had touched any of the shadows.

The first colour on the top left is the peach shade which looks quite scary in the pan (for eyeshadow).  I apply this colour with a MAC 217 brush as a wash and to be honest it does not look this intense on my skintone (please see swatch photo below).  I get a lovely sheer wash of colour that brightens up my eye area, which is prone to dark circles and shadows.

The second colour is a champagne gold micro glitter shimmer.  I love the colour but it's a fallout disaster.

The third colour, a purple/red toned plummy brown (one of my friends described it as "bruisey" which I showed her a photo), is surprisingly easy to wear.  I apply it as a liner, smudged with a pencil brush, along the top and outer bottom lashes.  On me, the red tones seem to disappear - I get a nice chocolate brown instead.

The fourth shade is a pretty standard beigey brown base colour.

All of these eyeshadows are very smooth and easy to apply, except for the champagne shade, due to the sparkles.

I was actually nicely surprised by Éclosion, as it is actually quite wearable and I can get a few different looks with the one palette.  Once applied the colours look fresh and illuminates, which sums up spring nicely for me.


  1. What a beautiful palette and pictures! <3

  2. how does this compare to the guerlain?

  3. Jess - Thank you! x

    Stephanie - Texture wise, Guerlain is a pressed powder whereas Chanel (UK/Europe) is baked, so Guerlain feels softer to touch in the pan (and is less messy too). Once applied they are about the same - both great quality shadows. Really depends on which colours you prefer. HTH.

  4. This has to be one of my favourite Chanel pallettes, and I can concur that it is very wearable day and night. I did the look with Tigerlilly that is on the Chanel US website and it came out very pretty if I do say so myself lol!

    Beautiful pictures by the way :)

  5. JA_UK - Thanks :) I saw Tigerlily on the counter but didn't even swatch it. Not quite brave enough!

  6. Oh dont be afraid swatch away, it really is pretty :)

  7. OK I'll have a look...for research purposes ;)

  8. Great palette!Very nice swatches;-)

    I'm following u:-)

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