Lipstick of the day #17 - Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt #69 Spring 2012


Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt #69* is my cup of tea...because it's coral! I have a couple of Rouge Coco Shines and I love the formula - they are great for days when full on traditional lipstick is just a bit too much.

I picked out some similar colours I have for comparison.  I've always thought Liberté was quite bright and orange, but next to Flirt, it looks quite muted. 

The Rouge Coco Shine formula is very soft and therefore the lipstick itself is quite delicate.  The edges were already "chipped" before I had even touched it...I simply wounded it a couple of times to have a look at the colour and to photograph it.

Like other Rouge Coco Shines, Flirt is sheer with subtle shimmers.  In my swatch below it is pretty much a mix between Rivage (pink) and Liberté (peach).  Due to the sheerness of Rouge Coco Shine, how the colour will look on your lips depends on how pigmented they are.

I have to say Flirt is probably my favourite Rouge Coco Shine lipstick.  But then I am biased towards anything coral.

p.s. I wore Flirt with Blush Horizon de Chanel & Eclosion quad (review coming soon) and they match wonderfully.

*Sorry I am incredibly childish but I find it funny that Flirt is #69


  1. lol! i think its hilarious that flirt is 69 as well ^^ i love coral lippies <3

  2. Oh I love the lipstick... my favourite color is coral too... perfect spring shade!adore Chanel!

    Greets from Dublin!
    xxx Marina

  3. Isabella & Marina - :) I love that my commenters love coral

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  5. This is my first Coco Rouge Shine lipstick, I was swayed after seeing it on another beauty bloggers youtube vid. She wore it with Bagatelle Glossimer on top, I tried that and it looks nice but I much prefer it with Petillant!

  6. Aww. Lots of coral love.

    JA_UK - Once you have one you can't stop. TBH I've never worn gloss on top of the Rouge Coco Shines. Might give it a try and see how it looks.

  7. I know! I went back for Candeur today lol!!

  8. You're on a slippery slope now!

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