Dior Vernis in Waterlily #504 (Spring 2012 Collection)


Dior's Garden Party Spring 2012 collection has two nail polishes - Forget Me Not (purple) and Waterlily.  Both are rose scented and limited edition.  I picked up Waterlily only as Forget Me Not doesn't suit my tanned olive skintone.

Waterlily is a lovely fresh mint green, with a touch of sea foam.  I think the understated green shimmer in Waterlily makes this nail polish.  I can't help but keep looking at my nails.

Both the name and colour remind me of this Monet painting - The Water-Lily Pond

Green is one of those colours that seem like they shouldn't look right on your hands.  But I think Waterlily introduces a lovely pop of colour for spring.  Waterlily dries darker than how it appears in the bottle.

Waterlily is slightly more expensive than other Dior Vernis due to the rose scent.  The rose scent concept is all a bit strange to me - I know it is to tie in with the rose garden theme.  But I find it totally unneccesary - why would I need to sniff my fingers? Anyway the rose scent is only apparent after the polish is dried (don't sniff the bottle!) - it is ok but it is quite faint, and keep in mind most of it will be masked out once a topcoat has been applied.

I'm used to Dior's nail polish brush but the one in this bottle of Waterlily did not want to cooperate and made application a bit trickier than usual.

I attempted swatch photos with my normal camera but they were all blurry as the weather is not playing ball.  So I made do with a photo on my iPhone.  Please refer to The Beauty Look Book and Cafe Makeup's closeup swatches for comparisons to Chanel Jade & Nouvelle Vague.

If you buy only one item from Dior's Garden Party collection, I suggest you make it Waterlily.  Especially if you, like me,  missed out on Chanel Jade.

p.s.  To serve this colour justice, you can't wear head to toe black (I found out today).  Spring/Summer wardrobe only!

£18 (10ml) - exclusive to Selfridges until mid January (England)


  1. You are spot on with the Monet painting!!! This one is on my list. Debating ordering it or waiting for it to hit my local Nordstrom :/

  2. Waterlily is a really pretty and cute pastel green color, but I'm not sure if I really want to get it, since I don't have lots of opportunities to wear nail polishes these days. But I guess I will definitely regret, if I didn't... what a dilemma! :)

    I love the color on your hands a lot! Very flattering on your skintone!

  3. Larie - Make sure you don't miss out! Is there a big difference between the two (cos of the shipping?)?

    Jess - Thank you. I missed out on Jade because I wasn't into Chanel makeup then...and i've regretted it for the longest time. Well you can always use it on your toes :)

  4. I was going to overlook the nail polishes and just get the 2 Garden Party Quints but I think I'll regret it , they're so pretty and I personally think the purple would look great on you also, you have great hands #handenvy

  5. I think Waterlily is the best nail polish out of all the Spring collections :)
    Awww that's very kind of you. There's something about purple nail polish that irks me...it never looks quite right (to me) next to my yellow tone skin.

  6. I totally agree bought this as well love the colour and the scent. Thanks for posting!

  7. Glad you like it too Nawi, the colour is beautiful but not for everyone.

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