Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Pétale #99


Santa left me a Joues Contraste in Rose Pétale under the Christmas tree :)

Rose Pétale is a medium rose pink with small shimmers throughout.  It is basically a pink version of In Love #55, except the texture seems to be even smoother and softer.  

This is going to be a mostly picture post since I have already reviewed three other Joues Contrastes.  Please see my previous reviews of Joues Contraste in Rose Ecrin, Candy and In Love for more details.


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  2. The color and packaging looks great. i it that sheer as it looks??
    Lovely blog
    Following u now.

  3. Thanks for following Cheeky Chic :)
    It depends on how you apply it - light hand = sheer wash, layered = more intense colour. I didn't use a base for swatching.

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