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This non beauty related but I thought I'd do a post on the best affordable desserts/patisseries in Paris.  I am a foodie with a very sweet tooth.

My favourite is Pierre Herme.  Hands down the best macarons in Paris.  But I love his cakes even more.  My favourite is his signature Ispahan - huge rose macaron with rose petal cream , raspberries (that are never sour) and lychees.  Yes, Laduree has the same Ispahan (and Plasir Sucre) because Piere Herme used to the head pastry chef there.  I am team Pierre Herme, sorry Laduree - your macarons are all sugar with no taste.

Head to the boutique on 72 Rue Bonaparte in St Germain.  The boutique is where the huge line is.  Don't across the Kiehls' front door because you will get told off.  Ask for a fork and eat your cake in the park across the road (unless you want to eat a squished cake back at your hotel).

Next is Sadaharu Aoki.  You're unlikely to come across his name in any tourist guides because his boutiques are a bit off the beaten track.  Most of his macarons/cakes/chocolates have a Japanese kick (eg matcha) in them.  My second favourite in Paris.  I went to the 25 Rue Pérignon boutique (Ségur metro) which has a sit down cafe area.

Best ice cream in Paris, possibly the world, is Maison Berthillon.  Their store and salon de thé is on Île Saint-Louis, the island next to Notre Dame.  Lots of other places sell Berthillon in Paris but I like going to their salon.  My favourite are Peche de Vigne & Cassis sorbets.  They only use natural ingredients and do not use artificial flavours/sweeteners - see it's good for you :)

29-31 rue Saint Louis en I'ile.  They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Another must have is Jean-Paul Hévin's Cheesecake Mazaltov (0%MG).  It's supposed to be fat-free but that's not important.  What's important is the texture and the taste - it's almost ice cream-like but very light & airy at the same time.  I could eat this all day long.  We had this at the Colette Water Bar but you can also buy or order it at the Jean-Paul Hévin store/salon (but my experience is they are always sold out). 

Last but not least (and not sweet but we'll skip over that), please go to Le Bon Marché La Grande Epicerie if you like to cook.  The things they stock there are amazing - I could have easily spent a whole day browsing and spent a fortune on risotto mixes and different kinds of pasta.  I bought a tub of soup from their atelier ready made counter for my Eurostar journey back to London.  Let's just say I wished I bought more.  I can't remember the exact name but it was a rich seafood bisque with crushed chestnuts and slices of scallops.  It was extortionate at €8.50 for a tiny tub but this is fine dining quality.  If you're going to Paris in summer, pick up some picnic items here.


  1. The rose macaron is gorgeous (and looks delicious). Thanks for sharing --- everything is so beautiful!

  2. I also love Pierre Hermé - thanks for your other tips!! I will definitely check out Aoki's cakes next time I go to Paris. I love the matcha flavour in things.

  3. Thanks :D Looking at the photos makes me hungry now...wish I was back in Paris!

  4. I haven't been to Paris - yet - but when I go, I will seek out these recommendations. All these edibles sound delicious and look like works of art!

  5. upbeatred1 - Yes please do! If you are a foodie, you will love Paris. x

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