Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo #02


The Quad Royale palette in Monte Carlo #02 is my first Edward Bess product.  I had been tempted by the Blush Imperiale and Eyeshadow Trio, but was put off by not being able to see/swatch the product in store.  But I finally decided cave in when I saw photos of this peachy palette.

First impressions.  I have to say I was disappointed by the plastic case.  I was expecting something that looked a bit sleeker, and well, less plasticky.  The button/catch feels a bit sub-par.  I expected the packaging to look like more Chanel-esque black lacquer-like plastic.  The Edward Bess packaging feels very light and a little bit flimsy (but that hasn't been tested yet since I haven't dropped it yet).

The previous Quad Royales were more strictly illuminators - the colours were too light to be used as a blush (on me anyway).  Monte Carlo, on the other hand, is much more pigmented and can be used on my medium olive skin as a highlighter and a blush.

I just decided to include this photo because the EB logo still reads the right way in the mirror.  Random I know.

Monte Carlo essentially contains 4 different tones/shades of shimmery peach powder.  Although this palette is made in Taiwan and not the usual suspects, I found the texture to be finely milled and creamy to touch.  The only shortcoming I found was that the colour pay-off was not as good as I expected - when swatched with my fingers, I didn't pick up as much colour as I had hoped.  But don't get me wrong, it is perfectly acceptable.

The palette looks much darker when viewed from this side.  I think it's to do with how the powder and was pressed and how the pattern reflects light.

Monte Carlo is very similar to the more pigmented Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks - depending on where you wipe you can get different effects.  Personally I feel it's easier to pick exactly what colour combination you want to use with Edward Bess as each colour area is much larger.

This swatch photo shows the four shades, from the lightest to darkest (working clockwise from the top left corner of the palette).  You can see the shimmer is subtle and there's no micro glitter particles at all.

Here, I've swatched some possible colour combinations.  I like how easy it is to achieve different colours with this palette.

And here it is with all four shades.  I like to wear shades 01+02 as a highlighter along the "C-area" (cheekbones and up along the outside of the eyes) and shades 03+04 as a blush.  Although it is shimmery I didn't find it too over the top - it gives a nice radiant glow.

Here's a photo of the palette after I've used it.  Yes it does get messy as the powder is very soft.  The brush is adequate but I prefer to use my own brushes.  The one advantage about this brush is that it allows you to pick up colours in the horizontal and vertical combinations very easily, without messing up the powders.

I like this palette a lot - it's the perfect colour for spring/summer.  I hope Edward Bess will launch some more of these Quad Royale palettes soon.

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