Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks EX-02 Kohakusui Blush Spring 2012


This was the blush that started it all.  I immediately fell in love with it when I saw preview photos from Japanese blogs.  Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks in EX-02 琥珀水 Kohakusui is a dual blush palette featuring a bright kumquat orange and a coral peachy pink.

The two colours have completely different textures and finish.  The orange melon shade is matte and the salmony peachy pink shade contains shimmer.  The two shades are designed to be layered over eachother to create a custom shade.

Looking at this palette makes me smile.  It is so unique compared to other spring collections so far this year.


The model in the promotional image is wearing EX-02.

The melon shade wasn't quite how I expected it to be - the colour payoff is not great (on my skintone anyway, maybe if you are paler it would show up better?). Being a matte shade, it has a slightly chalky finish on my skin.  The peachy pink shade is lovely - it is much more pigmented and the colour on its own is beautiful.  The shimmer is subtle and not over the top.

However I do love both shades combined together.  It is a more golden version of the peachy pink shade.  Beautiful.  This colour is perfect for spring.

Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks EX-02 (£38) is limited edition and exclusive to Selfridges in the UK at the moment.


  1. Ah, that is a gorgeous blush palette! The model is gorgeous, too. *happy sigh*

  2. Wow I didn't know the model is wearing EX-02. She pulls it off beautifully as she is so pale. Thank you for your swatches! =)

  3. Larie - Yes I can't stop looking at the palette!
    Sheila - You're welcome :)

  4. gorgeous blush! I've never owned any Suqqu product, I'm not sure they're available here in Germany, I might have to check online :) thanks for the review!

  5. Jade - You might have to order online, stocks them (I haven't ordered from them before though).

  6. Ricquetta - It's pretty huh? But sadly I wanted it to be more pigmented.

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