Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks EX-03 Akanemizu Blush Spring 2012


Out of the three Suqqu spring collection blushes, EX-03 is actually my favourite. While it is not as eye catching in the palette as EX-02, I find it much more wearable and pigmented.

EX-03 茜水 Akanemizu consists of a rose quartz pink and a peachy coral blossom shade with shimmer.

All of the spring blush palettes consist of a textured side and a smooth side.  The textured side is more solid and gives a more translucent finish, whereas the smooth side is much softer to touch and imparts more pigment.

Suqqu blushes are very finely milled, very soft, and most importantly easy to blend.  Which is good, because at £38 for a blush palette (which is above the usual high end price point), I wouldn't expect anything less.

Both shades in this palette are perfect colours for spring/summer and can be worn on their own - they are beautiful blushes in their own right.  But I find it's even better when both colours are worn layered and blended together.  The colour is fresh & glowy - a few swipes and it instantly brings life to my face.

(p.s. the shimmer is not as obvious as they appear in these swatch photos - these were taken on my macro lens so they are 2x the actual size)

I find EX-03 to be the most versatile palette out of the three spring blushes, and it definitely suits medium/tanned complexions best compared to EX-01 & EX-02.  If you can only get one of these palettes, I highly recommend this one.

*I accidentally deleted my original post when I tried to edit the title, so sorry of this review is a bit brief!

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