Suqqu Spring 2012 Nuancing Cheeks Blushes Overview


This is just a quick post to show all the colours of the Suqqu Spring 2012 Nuancing Cheeks blushes.  I will be reviewing each of them in separate posts to follow.

This is my first foray into the Suqqu スック brand (pronounced suk-ku [sook-ku], not su-queue).  I steered clear of their blushes previously as I didn't like having one small blush and one small highlighter in a compact together.  However, once I saw images of these blushes a few months ago, I knew I had to have all of them.  The colours are perfect for me!


There are three limited edition Blush palettes and I pre-ordered all three unseen.

  • EX-01 牡丹色 Botaniro - Cool tone rosy pink.  牡丹 is peony and 色 is colour.
  • EX-02 琥珀水 Kohakusui - The one that really caught my eye. Orangey tangerine and coral pink.  琥珀 is amber.
  • EX-03 茜水 Akanemizu - This one might be my favourite.  Pink & coral.  I have no idea what this name means. (I didn't bring my Japanese dictionary over to London :/ )

I am surprised I didn't pick up any Suqqu products before.  Besides the quality (excellent),  their packaging is very sexy.  Each palette comes with a velveteen pouch and a small brush (which is super soft like their big brushes).

Today I wore EX-02.  I will post a review later tonight.  (Edited: All blushes have now been reviewed, please see links above)

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