Nails of the day #11 - Dior Vernis in Incognito #257


I really like the latest polishes from Dior.  Four matching nail polishes were launched together with the new Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks.  Incognito is the most understated of the four.

Incognito looks mauvey beigey mink colour in the bottle.  I was hopeing for it to be a neutral nude colour but when I applied it, it had a pink tone to it.

This then prompted me and I remembered that I actually have a very similar pink shade, Chanel Rose Caché.  Rose Caché has more of a pink tone whereas Incognito looks more pastel minky.  But seeing them side by side, you can see they look pretty similar.

The consistency of this collection of nail polishes are very good - sometimes I find Dior polishes can be a bit thick and the temperamental brush a bit hard to deal with.  But I had no problems with Incognito.  You will need two coats because it is a light shade.  It is a sophisticated pink base nude shade - I highly recommend it if you don't have something similar in your collection.


  1. So pretty! I want all four of these shades, but sigh, I feel like maybe I could dupe them for a cheaper price? Dior polishes are so easy to work with, though, and so long-lasting...I'll have to think about it some more. This shade is really lovely on you! I passed over it at first, but all of the posts that I am seeing have changed my mind.

  2. I love the color of incognito--- it seems like such a good basic color to have in a collection.

  3. Gorgeous colour, I swatched this the other day and the matching lipstick too which I'll be getting in this week's mini haul :o)

    Such a lovely neutral, and I still think Dior polishes have the best applicators!

  4. Larie - Yes I felt like this is the first collection of nail colours, in a long time, that are truly wearable and suitable for everyone. I bought all but Plaza because I don't think it would look nice on my hands. I think they are all dupe-able but the quality of these ones are really good!

    Dovey - Yes definitely. It's a very chic colour.

    JA - Please let me know how you get on with the lipstick. Didn't try it on my lips as nude lip colour tend to make me look washed out. I hope you see this in time but if you didn't know, there's 10% off at Debenhams at the moment, finishes today I think.

  5. oooo pretty. I can't wait to stock up on DIOR and Chanel stuff in July ;)

  6. Haha how long is your list? I *might* have a shopping list for you.

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