REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15


Just as I needed to buy a new face sunscreen*, I received a lovely surprise from REN at one of their launch days - the new Photoactive Sun Veil with SPF 15.

REN's Photoactive Sun Veil is a physical sunscreen that claims to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays, and to increase the elastin levels in your skin (ie firm & plump).

First impressions - it is a non-watery sunscreen (none of those mix thoroughly or you'll get a lump of oily stuff business here) - it's a white cream and the texture is similar to a light daytime moisturiser.  There is a very light scent that smells quite fresh but reminds of me of the animal shaped Vitamin tablets I used to get when I was a kid - the scent is not offensive and dissipates quickly.

The texture is amazing - it is creamy enough to spread over your face without feeling like you're tugging at your skin but there is no sunscreen white cast and no oiliness (hurrah!).  Once it's applied you don't feel like you've got anything on your face at all.
As for the anti-aging properties.  REN claims the Noni extract in this Sun Veil are capable of absorbing UV rays and converting them into visible red light, which provide a skin treatment laser like effect for your skin.  This converted UV light is supposed to stimulate the elastin in your skin, therefore creating a firmer & plumper skin.

Now I'm not sure about whether this is indeed the case.  But I love this sunscreen simply because it is a physical sunscreen (as opposed to chemical sunscreens, which can become unstable over time), doesn't leave a whitish mask on your face, and more importantly, does not feel greasy!

My only disappointment in the Photoactive Sun Veil is that the SPF is not higher - I am accustomed to using at least SPF 50 sunscreens for my face (I grew up in Australia - the sun is so much stronger there and the weather report even gives you a UV forecast).

Priced at £26 for 50ml, I think this is very reasonable.  I have been using it everyday since February and I have hardly made a dent.  The Photoactive Sun Veil is available on REN's website and will be on counters in May.

*Please please please use SPF on your face everyday.  There is no point forking out on cosmetics and wrinkle creams if you skip the most important step!

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  1. of all the facial sunscreens youve used, would this be the one you recommend most?

  2. jibberjabber - I have tried lots of similar kinds (Biore, Shiseido Anessa, Chanel) - which are the watery kind you have to shake, and some cream type ones (skinceuticals & some Australian drugstore brands). I prefer the REN because it is not oily and doesn't leave any white cast/residue. My only complaint is that it isn't a higher SPF, otherwise it'll be beyond perfect.

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