April Favourites & Randomness


My April look has mostly been a matchy matchy combination of bright lips and nails.

  1. Benefit They're Real mascara - I keep forgetting to include this in my favourites but I'm already up to my third/fourth tube (I've lost count). I use a waterproof mascara as a base to hold the curl and layer this on top.  Doesn't smudge on oily lids.
  2. Dior Addict Extreme in Riviera
  3. Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky
  4. Chanel Vitalumiêre Aqua Compact Foundation sample - I've been using this together with my Shiseido foundation brush - great combination.  However I still haven't taken the leap to buy this foundation yet as it's not ideal for my skin type - I like the initial finish but my skin gets a bit too dewy for my liking after a few hours.  I love the convenience of it, so Chanel - please make one for combination/oily skin!
  5. Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #02 Abricot (to be reviewed) - I haven't had this for very long but I love it already.  I'm surprised it isn't featured/raved about in beauty blogs/beauty columns as much as it should be.  Works in the same way as Bobbi Brown's Correctors but the execution is 100x better.
  6. Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File - Like last month's pencil sharpener revelation, it pays to invest in a good nail file.  I spend quite a lot of money on makeup & skincare but skimped on the basics like a crystal nail file and I have no idea why (I have even used my mum's OPI crystal file a few years ago and loved it).  This makes shaping your nails so much easier and doesn't damage your nails.  I will never use a cheap emery board/metal nail file again.
  7. Guerlain Terracotta Sun Shimmer Highlighting Blush in #02 Sunny Pink (to be reviewed) - The fact that I wore this as my blush everyday for a whole week says it all really.
  8. Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum (to be reviewed) - Like I said on Twitter/Instagram, it looks like chocolate mousse (baby poo) in a pot but I love it.
  9. Nails Inc Elizabeth Street (to be reviewed)- A pale pink that actually looks good against my skintone. Hurrah!
  10. Dior Vernis in Incognito
  11. Dior Vernis in Riviera (to be reviewed)
  12. Dior Vernis in Lucky
As you can see I am behind on a lot of reviews, I will try my best to catch up in May!

Another favourite is Lisa Eldridge's column in UK Elle.  I'm only buying this magazine for her column (I've given up buying print magazines a while ago since they take up a lot of space).

April is my birthday so it means getting spoilt by my friends.  Thank you :)

Here's an excuse to show off my new ring (gift from my girlfriends) and my Nails Inc manicure from their press day.  I went to the event with Porchester Square on my nails, so I asked for their new sprinkle polish (Sweets Way) on the tips only.

A lot of nail polish brands have caught up on the different sizes/round/hexagonal glitter bandwagon now so Nails Inc is definitely not alone in "taking inspiration".  What I do like about these is that the base colour is very opaque - two coats will give very good coverage, and that they're more affordable at £11 (and I imagine they would be more readily available for UKers as Nails Inc is stocked at Boots).

Nails Inc Sprinkles Nail Polish (available in June) - Pudding Lane, Sweets Way, Topping Lane, Sugarhouse Lane. (And yes they are still actual London street names, I google mapped it) [images from Nails Inc]

A bit of birthday shopping and a shout out to my shirt twin Ohh...Pretty!

I'm one of those people who love wandering through foreign supermarkets when travelling.  I picked up my usual chocolate biscuits and some new items - Monster Munch & some vegetable packet soups - addicted!  I need more now.  UK definitely should get cup-a-soup like these instead of the usual boring favours.

And for pure randomness now - chocolate chicken on a mini Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair, "The Kingdom" and dots by Damien Hirst.

And last but certainly not least (in this super long post), I am hugely flattered that The Beauty Look Book reads my blog.  Thank you Sabrina for the link!

x Sylvie


  1. I'm looking forward to your review for the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #02 Abricot!

  2. Those Dior lipsticks are beautiful and so are the nail polishes! xx

  3. Happy birthday month! I also loved your post on matching lip nail colors this month :)

  4. happy belated birthday =) re-purchases say it all and 3rd or 4th tube - i MUST check out the benefit they're real mascara!! x

  5. Thanks girls :D

    faye - Yes But try to get it with a discount because I feel the RRP is a bit pricey...I always stock up when I can buy it with a discount :)

  6. Amazing favorites!
    New follower from Italy x

  7. so many cool stuff! <3
    I also have this mascara but I wasn't impressed at all ;/ maybe there's something wrong with my eyelashes because everybody loves it but me :-)

  8. Dramanmakeup - Thanks for following and saying hi :)

    caise - Unfortunately I think mascaras vary a lot from person to person. I've recommended mascaras to friends and sometimes what works for me doesn't work for them :/

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