Nails of the day #12 - Dior Vernis in Lucky #659


Lucky Vernis #659 is the same colour as Addict Extreme Lipstick in Lucky - an opaque vibrant blue based pink, with no shimmer.  I have worn this matchy matchy combination (lipstick & nail polish) and I like it - it is a very fresh and simple look if you keep other areas (cheeks & eyes) toned down and neutral.

The colour, when applied, is true to the colour you see in the bottle.

Like I mentioned in my review of Incognito, the consistency of Lucky is very good - it's not too think/gloopy and the tapered brush make application easy in this instance. Colour payoff is very good - I'd say if you aren't too fussy, you can get away with only one thick coat.  I highly recommend this nail polish if the price doesn't dissuade you.


  1. I really want to try this color, it looks gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful color--- and I love the name too! I think a Dior kind of of matchy-matchy is always good :)

  3. Fantastically beautiful color!
    I hold it on a sight.

  4. So very nice! I like the color and name if course!

  5. Anna & Olga - Yes I love this colour.

    Dovey - Yes these matchy matchy lipstick & nail polish combinations from Dior are all TDF.

    Jess - Haha. They just need to change the number to 888 or something :)

  6. I think this is a perfect pair! Such a vibrant, beautiful color.

  7. Larie - I can't decide whether I like the Lucky or Riviera combination the best. They are both gorgeous!

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