Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum


I saw some sneak peek photos of these Tom Ford Cream Colors for Eyes on twitter months ago and knew I had to at least try one.  Out of the four colours I felt #01 Platinum was the most flattering and wearable shade for my asian skintone.

The jar itself looks pretty standard Tom Ford.  My biggest complaint is the cheap sticker on the lid - Tom Ford (the brand) pays a lot of attention to packaging and branding, so this seems like a complete after-thought to me.  It's like they realised that the lid would not have anything on it when viewed from the top and just slapped a sticker on.  I expect better for £28 Mr Ford.

Now, I tried very hard to style these as best as I could for the blog.  But to me I think the way the product has been pumped and finished in the jar looks pretty dubious.  I really wished they had flattened it or something...

Other than my complaints with the packaging, I love Platinum and the formula of these Cream Colors.  Compared with Chanel Illusion D'Ombre, these Tom Ford Cream Colors are a lot softer and more "moussey" (the Chanels are more solid & bouncy to touch).  Due to this softer and more pliable texture, I find them even easier to apply than the Illusion D'Ombres.

These do creased on my lids when worn alone (as with every eye product due to my oily slightly hooded lids), but it stays put when I wear them with my Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

These do have shimmer but I find Platinum is fine for day wear as the base colour is neutral.  These swatches show a light application on the left and a more intense layered application on the right.

There is no doubt these are expensive for what they are - in fact this applies for the whole Tom Ford cosmetics range.  But if you are in the mood to splurge on a makeup treat, then I'd definitely recommend this.


  1. The shade really reminds me of Essence "Pas des Copper", except this one is a bit lighter. I laughed with what you said about how the product's been put into the jar - would've probably been more appealing if it was laid flat :p

  2. This color is absolutely amazing, I love cream shadows x

  3. sleepandwater - Yeh it would look so much better if they flattened it but I think the formula is a bit too moussey (?!) for it. We don't get the brand Essence over here in the UK (unless I don't know about it) - I need to google to see how similar they are now!

    DramanMakeup - I agree, it was definitely the nicest and most wearable out of the four. This cream shadow is different to 'normal' creams though - it find it much easier to apply :)

  4. Ooh pretty! I will definitely have to pop over to my Tom Ford counter to check these out. I've been loving cream shadows lately. Ps, I adore the NARS primer, it's great for my oily lids :) x

  5. i rarely splurge on makeup products (unless they are really, really excellent). i probably won't spend money on this right now, but when i have some spare cash, maybe i will. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  6. Aleeza - Yes! Nars primer is the only one that works for my lids. I love cream shadows, so much easier to apply.

    Mimi - Rarely splurging on makeup is probably a good thing ;)

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