Nails of the day #15 - Dior Vernis in Bikini #231 Croisette 2012 Summer


The hyped nail polish from the Dior Croisette 2012 Summer collection is definitely Saint-Tropez but I think Bikini is the dark horse of the collection. Personally I think Bikini is the perfect colour that would suit everyone.

At first I thought I would easily have a similar colour in my collection. I pulled out three polishes and compared them next to Bikini, and found that I didn't actually have a dupe.

Riviera is an opaque creamy pastel coral with no shimmer.  I have found it suits as a pedicure colour as well as for manicures.

The first comparison is between Bikini & Riviera. You can see how bright Riviera is compared to the subtle and pastel Bikini.

Next is against Chanel Miami Peach. Miami Peach has more of a pink tinge and again is not as milky coloured.   Miami Peach also has shimmers whereas Bikini is a solid cream colour.

Last is with Essie's Chubby Cheeks. This was actually the closest match, but Chubby Cheeks is more vibrant with more orange.

I have really enjoyed painting my nails with these summer nail polishes from Dior.  Having finally mastered the Dior Vernis brush, I now actually much prefer it to standard nail polish brushes.

Bikini is the colour I'd recommend to everyone.


  1. Bikini looks lovely on you and is one of my favourite corals so far. It's very easy to wear too.

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  3. These are all such cute colors! they're perfect for summer and spring :)

    I love your blog photos btw!

  4. I love this color right now! It's so pretty =)

  5. Lyn - Yes I agree - it's the easiest one to wear out of all summer collection nail polishes. x

    Rinny - Thank you :D

    Adriana - Yup one of my favourites atm!

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