Nails of the day #17 - Chanel Le Vernis in Frisson #543


I very nearly didn't buy Frisson - May has been a killer month for nail polishes, and I felt like I had spent far too much on Dior nail polishes already.  But I am very glad I did buy it, because I think I actually prefer it over Distraction.

At first Frisson seems like your standard pale pink.  Frisson means "a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear", and when you looks closely at the nail polish, you will understand why they named it Frisson.

The shimmer that runs through this nail polish is quite extraordinary - tiny flecks of silver and metallic peach that catches the light just so.

Admittedly the below shot is not the best - I quickly took a photo in less than ideal lighting before rushing off to work.  The shimmer shows up much better than it is shown below.

The only complaint about Frisson is that three coats is required - which makes for longer drying time and the polish also chip much faster.  But I think the end result is well worth the extra effort.


  1. so pretty! <3 where did you get this? is it part of the summer collection?

  2. Such a pretty shade! Love how subtle the sparkles are

  3. I have this too - didn't think i was making a good choice when i bought it but I love it too! It is the perfect pink - demure but with a bit of magic!

    BTW this is part of the fleurs d'ete - which is a mini collection of nail polishes and glossimers.

  4. Stephanie - It's available at all UK Chanel counters now. It's the Roses Ultimes de Chanel mini collection - glossimers & 4 nail polishes :)

    Vida - Yup, super pretty but high maintenance.

    Baby in a corner - I was so undecided about it but once I put it on - instant love!

  5. This was my first Chanel polish ever, I loved it but I think it's crazily sheer! I think it looks even better when used as a top coat on a nudy pink, like the color it looks at the bottle :)

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