Nails of the day #13 - Dior Vernis in Saint-Tropez #401 Croisette 2012 Summer


The Dior Croisette 2012 summer collection is definitely the most interesting/wearable summer collection for me. A lot of attention has been placed on the eyeshadow palettes (which are a bit hard to pull off in my opinion, especially the blue palette) but I think the universal star products are the nail polishes.

Saint-Tropez #401 was released last year but I missed out, and in fact I initially dismissed buying it as I thought it was a bit too blue based for my skin tone (I don't think blue nails are particularly flattering for me). This time around, I decided to have a look at it again, and I love it.

Most people call this kind of colour blue, but to my eye, any blue/green colour with yellow in it is automatically 'green' (eg aqua/turquoise/teal etc I call green). Saint-Tropez reminds me of the colour of Tiffany & Co's iconic box - only Saint-Tropez is a tiny bit darker and a tiny bit more blue.

Here's some comparison photos between Saint-Tropez and blue/green nail polishes from my collection.

Initially I thought Saint-Tropez and Nouvelle Vague would be very similar, but Saint-Tropez is much more intense and not so much a pastel colour.

Next to Waterlily, most people would say Saint-Tropez is blue.

But next to Riva, you can see Saint-Tropez is not quite 'blue'.

I cannot fault the consistency of St Tropez - I find some Dior nail polishes slightly too thick but not the case for St Tropez. Two thin coats will give perfect coverage. St Tropez is an opaque creme colour and does not contain any shimmer.

This colour is not for the faint hearted and people will notice your nails! (probably not suitable for very conservative work places)

I think St Tropez is one of the must buys in this collection - have you picked it up?


  1. definitely need this when it comes out. use up my debenhams points!

  2. Gorgeous colour Doll xx

  3. Stephanie - The Dior SA at Debenhams told me the summer collection should be on counters this week, so you should be able to use the £5 bonus points that expire this Sunday.

    S.Lenny82 - Thanks, I love it! :)

  4. i must say, i just found your blog not too long ago and im completely in love! you're similar to me, asian who has a weak spot for makeup. can i ask for you to do a post on chanel bronzing universal? i saw you had a picture of it and i would love to hear your opinions on it. as you can probably tell, im contemplating a near-the-future purchase ;)

  5. Elissa - Thanks so much! :) My Chanel Bronze Universel isn't very photogenic anymore so I probably won't do a post on it :( BUT if you have specific questions about it, I'd be more then happy to answer them if you drop me an email. x
    ps if you were planning to use it as contour, I'd recommend Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate instead.

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