Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quad in Prélude

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For a non-eyeshadow person like me, I have bought quite a lot of Chanel quad eyeshadows recently.  And by non-eyeshadow, I mean I don't wear full on eyeshadow everyday - usually only when I go out at night or if I do wear it to work, just one colour along the lashline.  And Prélude drew me in because it's a neutrals palette (yay!) and ALL the colours are wearable (yay!).

At first glance, the palette does look a little boring.  But I guess that's why I like it - I'm definitely not the type to wear green or blue eyeshadow.

I have to say I'm not great at describing colours, and personally I find common names that describe colours a bit unspecific...such a taupe, or mink, or sable.  One person's idea of taupe might be another person's idea of sable.  So I will let the photos and swatches do the talking.  All the colours have a slight shimmer (and I mean slight), except for the creamy beige shade, which is a bit more shimmery as it is a frost finish.

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