Chanel Ombres Tissées Effets Iridescents Yeux in Beiges


Went to have a browse in Selfridges today and this came home with me.  I had seen photos of the Ombres Tissées a while ago but had totally forgotten about it.

This was one of the products designed for the 2011 Spring Haute Couture show.  You can see where the inspiration came from in these photos.

images: screenshots from video


Here's the backstage photos showing all the products used:



The Ombres Tissees were used on the eyes and as a highlighter, together with Joues Contraste in Rose Pétale, placed just under the eyes (most of the pink you see on the models is the Rose Pétale).



As usual I can't bring myself to ruin the embossing so no swatches yet.  I will need to stare at it for a while first. Here are some swatches below.

From left to right: The light pink, the beige, and the pink.  They are all quite shimmery when swatched with my finger.  At the back is all 3 colours applied with a brush but it's out of focus in this photo.

On thr right side of this photo is the 3 colours applied with a brush.  The effect is very subtle, and looks more 'glowy' than shimmery.

You can see bits of chunky silver glitter all over the compact above - it's because there is an overspray of chunky silver glitter for the glistening nuance effect.  Don't worry, the actual powder doesn't have any glitter bits.

Selfridges also had the following as part of this Exclusive Creation Collection:

Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu (permanent in UK)
Joues Contraste in Rose Pétale (permanent)
Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis (I passed on this as it's a matte grey and I found it a bit chalky to be honest)
Le Vernis in Pêche Nacré (repromote from Spring Collection)

My thoughts:  This is definitely not a must have.  If you already have a highlighter (and chances are that you do), you don't "need" this.  I have to say it isn't all that special when applied...but I bought it because I like how it looks in the compact, and I like collecting Chanel.

The Chanel Ombres Tissées Effets Iridescents Yeux in Beiges is £44.  In London, this collection is exclusive to Selfridges.

p.s. if you want to see more of the Vogue Paris beauty images, go here

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