Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty


This cheek stain is the one I reach for if I want to do a very natural look - no eye liner, just mascara and this on my cheeks and lips.  But you wouldn't think it if you had the look at the product inside, because it looks a bit intimidating - a solid block of dark raspberry red.

But once applied it is a very natural flush - it looks like if you've just been out in the snow.  Or if you're a Jane Austen heroine, just like if you had pinched your cheeks because the man you secretly fancy is dropping by for a visit.

Blended (but still on the heavy side) and heavy swatch

I like this because it is a nice water based stain for both cheeks and lips, and does not feel oily at all once it's blended out.  And because it is a stain, its staying power is much better compared to standard cream blushes.

The formula does not contain any preservatives, parabens, or mineral oil.

One bad thing about this product is the packaging.  The tube looks a bit cheap and there is no mechanism to wind up the blush.  You're just supposed to push the blush up from the plastic platform at the bottom and kind of smush it back down again.

Another bad thing, and I'm not sure if it's a bad thing, is that it's HUGE.  It's fine for using it in the morning at home but I find the tube a bit too big to carry around in my day makeup bag.

It is 28.4g/1oz for US$30 which is roughly £19, which makes it the cheapest of the non-powder blushes that I'm reviewing*.

I can't seem to find any UK stockists for this but I *think* I have seen Tarte stocked at the bigger Boots stores.  If you know where to find it in the UK please let me know.  Not that I'll be need buy another one of these because it is never ending.

As with all blushes, start with a light hand and build up the colour if needed.

* To be fair, of course you can buy drugstore non-powder blushes for much cheaper (eg Topshop Cream Blush for £6, which I have swatched in store and is not bad).  But the ones I'm reviewing are of the higher price range.

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