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In my opinion the name Frown Fix is quite misleading, because it implies it will get rid of frown lines.  Frown Fix is actually only a temporary filler which plumps up the skin.

This is one of those hyped up beauty products, having been featured on a BBC show and in a newspaper article.  People actually lined up at Boots to buy it on launch day.  There were waiting lists.  Somehow I was oblivious to all of that and did not realise all the fuss.

I also did not realise Nip+Fab get The Only Way is Essex 'celebs' to promote the line, in particular the frown fix.  If I had known that, I can say I definitely would not have bought this.

Seriously, endorsed by her? No thanks. (image:

The filler is white and the consistency is similar to eye cream.  It stings a little when you apply it.  Don't get it into your eye because it hurts - unfortunately I know from experience.  In the morning,  I apply it under my eyes (I have a line under one eye from my habit of rubbing my eyes) and in between my brows (I tend to frown when I'm concentrating on something).  

So does it do anything?  I find it more effective in the under the eye area than for the beginnings of a frown 11's.  Yes it plumps up the skin. Yes your lines look less obvious for a few hours.  But once the filler wears out, you're at where you started again.  Long term usage will not get rid of any wrinkles, nor will it prevent any future wrinkles - this is a temporary fix only.

p.s.  For lines between the brows, try Frownies.  It's basically a triangular sticker you wear at night to train yourself not to use those muscles.  It sounds incredulous but they actually do work.

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  1. Still sounds like it could be worth trying... so thanks for the review, came here to find out if it actually works, and I guess it does, even if just temporarily... :)

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