Chanel Tweed Manicure


My Harrods / Marian Newman Chanel Tweed Manicure with Rose Insolent as the base colour and Graphite & Black Pearl as the tweed effect stripes.

To be honest I was underwhelmed with it, I was expecting something more intricate...maybe with some texture?

I was hoping to get mine done with THE Marian Newman but because I arrived on time, I got one of her team instead...who was lovely but would only do the accent nail.  I had a peek at the girl ( who arrived late) who had her nails done with Marian and the tweed effect was done on every nail, with a much better result.  To rub it in I smudged the nails when I went to pay for my Chanel items as well.  Oh well. 


  1. Arggghhhh it got smudged? Yikes! Yeah would have been cool to get it on every nail.

  2. I must admit I was also expecting texture and something more intricate and it would have had more effect if applied to every nail but you know what its still very pretty. Shame you smudged it but you cant see from the pics :)

  3. I had to do some emergency repairs for the smudged nails.

    It was pretty but I guess my expectations were too high :/

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