Rouge G de Guerlain in Garçonne #25


September has been a bad month for my credit card.  So many launches, so little cash.  After the huge Tom Ford and Harrods Chanel splurges, I still caved in for the Rouge G de Guerlain in Garçonne #25.

Besides Chanel and coral makeup, I have a weak spot for red lipsticks.  Even though I hardly get the chance to wear them* (wearing one to work is out of the question), I love to buy them.

I wore Garçonne on Saturday night, and unashamedly touched up my lipstick at the table.  I felt very smug when I pulled out my Rouge G and applied it a la Natalia Vodianova.  Even the Mr was impressed with the Rouge G packaging.

I have written about the case before in my review of Guerlain de Rouge G in Georgia, but I will repeat myself again.  The lipstick case was designed by Lorenz Bäumer, a Place Vendôme jeweller who specialise in intricate fine jewellery and bespoke pieces.  All of which sounds very expensive.  But you too can have a Baümer piece with a Rouge G.

The lipstick is held closed with the magnetic closure and oval shaped clasp.  Once opened, your lipstick and a double mirror compact is revealed.  The case is very hefty and screams luxury.

With the mirror compact in one hand, the other hand can easily twist the lipstick bullet.  I have found that the base of the lipstick is actually a very ergonomic shape for your hand.  I don't know if that was the intention but the lipstick feels "right" in your hand.

One thing I don't like about Rouge Gs is that they always have a dent/notch at the tip, even when it is brand new.  It feels as though someone has opened the lipstick, played around with it, and shoved it back into the case without winding the lipstick all the way down.

Now onto the lipstick, because even with the most beautiful packaging, the lipstick would still be a failure if the formula is no good.

From Guerlain's website:

This exceptional object boasts a comprehensive, premium formula containing a star ingredient: ruby powder, which acts as an optical whitener to bring out the colour and shine of the shades. The blend of natural active ingredients (Tiger Grass, wild mango butter, Gugul resin, used in Ayurvedic medicine) complete the formula to plump up, smooth and bring moisture and softness to your lips.

I don't know whether any of those actually does anything, but this lipstick feels wonderful on my lips.  A problem I tend to have to lipstick, particularly more pigmented ones, is that it feels fine on my lips for about 4 hours.  But after that, my lips start to dry out and the lines on my lips become very noticeable.  It might be the formula of the lipstick but the fact that I am reluctant to reapply lip balm when I'm wearing a dark lipstick probably has something to do with it.  However, with Guerlain Rouge Gs, my lips stay moisturised and doesn't have this drying effect.

Garçonne is a very vibrant, opaque blue based red with a luminous finish.  It applies beautifully and I have found that it leaves a stain on my lips.  This is a good thing because even if the lipstick wears off during a meal/glass of wine, you won't end up with strange blotches on your lips.

Luckily the current Mr doesn't mind red lipstick (on me that is).

* I wore red lipstick once just to go to the supermarket, just because I needed to road test it.

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