Chanel Poudre Tissée in Brompton Road


This highlighter/blush has the longest name in the world - Poudre Tissée Highlighting Powder and Blush Natural Finish in Brompton Road. This is a Harrods exclusive, along with three Rouge Allures and a glossimer, as part of the Knightsbridge collection.

This logo-tastic powder reminds me of the very girly Cambon totes - the quilted bags with the HUGE CC logo with the pink lining.  The matelasse pattern looks a bit like a hybrid of the classic Chanel quilt stitch and tweed.

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This compact looks very similar to the Chanel Ombres Tissées Effets Iridescents Yeux in Beiges as they share the same embossing with the glitter overspray.  However they are quite different in that Brompton Road is designed to be used either as a highlighter (if you brush over the CC) or a blush (if you brush over the pink).  It is definitely more pigmented and less shimmery compared to the Iridescents Yeux in Beiges.

Please brush off all of the glitter before you use this, or you'll look like a discoball.  Unless that's the look you're going for.

However, I still find the pigmentation lacking a bit.  It appears very pink in the pan but when applied, it doesn't quite fulfill expectations.  Don't get me wrong - it gives a very natural pink glow when applied on cheeks, but just not what I had expected from what it looks like in the pan.

Poudre Tissée in Brompton Road is pretty and very wearable.  I personally love the intricate detailing (which make it collectible) and how the powder looks on my cheeks.  But the end result can be replicated using other (cheaper) products.  This one is defnitely for Chanel fans as it retails for £46.

p.s. For those not in London, this can be ordered on (and yes they ship internationally)


  1. May I say you have a wonderful blog? I don't know when you set it up, but wow - starting with perfect, flawless DSLR pics right away promises you a BIG blogging career. You definitely need more attention, I ADORE your posts and pictures.

  2. May I say you've made my day? ;)
    Thanks very much!

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