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I re-watched In The Mood For Love over the weekend and have found myself recreating Maggie Cheung's makeup.  In every scene the makeup is immaculate and in my opinion, a very wearable look, even though the movie is set in the early 60s.

The base must be perfect without looking overly "done" - I have been skipping foundation but spending a lot of time concealing with MUFE Full Cover Concealer.  Then I set with a translucent finishing powder.  There is a tiny bit of highlighting on the upper cheekbones in some scenes.

The eyes are all about the flicked eye liner - I used L'Oréal Super Liner to draw a medium line with a strong tapered upward flick.  Lashes are not that important in this look but I still curled them and wore 2 generous coats of mascara. Brows are thick but not 50s heavy.

There's not much blush, only the slightest hint of soft pink/peach.  I have been using Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub.

The lips varies from pink to rosewood to a soft plum stain to a classic red.  Lipstick only no gloss.

I love the story but I have to say it's not to everyone's taste - lots of people tend to find the story a bit slow.  The cinematography is unbelieveable but I think the costumes are even better.  She has a different "cheongsam" (traditional chinese dress*) in every scene and they look incredible.

* my grandma used to wear these as everyday clothes with the same kind of set hairstyle - amazing.


  1. Thanks for the tip, this is my favorite movie and I have been wanting to wear that look for a long time!!! and yes, I also LOVE all the "cheongsam" she ware!!!

  2. YF - You're more than welcome :)

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