Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in Calypso #337


Usually I avoid Chanel Glossimers because they tend to be not very pigmented and all the different shades actually end up looking the same - just glossy & shimmery.  On top of that I'm more of a lipstick girl than lipgloss - I don't like the stickiness and hate getting my hair stuck on my lips.

However, once I swatched Calypso, I wanted to buy it straight away.

I was disappointed by the rest of the lip products in the Summertime de Chanel 2012 collecton - they were just a bit blah.  The Rouhe Coco Shine in En Vogue is too similar to Flirt (which I already have) to justify the purchase since Rouge Coco Shines are quite sheer.  The other glossimer and lipstick are just too pale for me.  Calypso however has the right pigmentation and colour for my skintone.

Calypso appears bright orangey red in the tube with orangey gold shimmer flecks.  It is almost a bit intimidating.

When swatched it is more of a shimmery coral orange.  This colour shows up on my lips which are quite pigmented.  The consistency is slightly sticky but not thick & gloopy *cough MAC lipglass cough*.

I think this colour is perfect for days when I want to have very fresh and light makeup - the bright coral orange does a great job in brightening up my medium olive complexion that has a tendency to look a bit dull.

This is by no means a must-buy though.  Priced at £21, it is expensive and I think you could easily get a similar colour in the drug store.  But for the higher price you are paying for better texture, consistency and packaging.


  1. Gorgeous pictures of this shimmery goodness! This is also a perfect color for me, but with that price, I'll skip. I own a few oranges already.. This gloss reminded me of Revlon Coral Glow (also limited edition, but not available anymore, only on ebay) in particular.

  2. Thanks for the good review, as well as the nice pictures :) they are really good, would have been more interesting too see the gloss on your lips, but i m satisfied with this swatch as well hehe

    you got a new follower =) have a nice day.

  3. Bunnies - Thanks, I'll have to google that Revlon one now.

    CamiKatze - Thanks for following :) Lip swatches...I know they're useful but something about them eeks me out :/

  4. I really like this colour, I wanted to get it the other day but it was sold out at the counter I went at. It just made me want it more lol x

  5. Aleeza - That is always the case! It really bothers me if I miss out on something

  6. I love the name haha

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