Burberry Fall Autumn Winter 2012 Makeup Collection


Here in the UK, autumn/winter makeup collections usually do not launch until it is more weather appropriate towards end of August.  However, Harrods have already launched the new Burberry Autumn Winter 2012 makeup collection mid way through (our very lacking) summer.  I hadn't heard/read very much about this collection until I received a phone call from the Burberry counter at Harrods.

[edited: images of Lip Covers now added]

Cara Delvingne again heads the campaign with smokey brown eyes, a half opened mouth and very enviable eye brows.

This collection comprises of:

  • New Velvet Foundation - long wear velvet finish, the bottle is the same as the Sheer Fluid Foundation but the glass bottle has a frosted finish
  • Sheer Eye Shadow in Dark Sable #23, Mulberry #24 and White Porcelain #25
  • Lip Cover Lipstick in Mocha Glow #31 and Sepia Pink #32

images from style.com

Most of the colours from this range was used in the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 RTW show.  From style.com:

Using a palette of Burberry Eyeshadows that corresponded with the colors in Bailey's clothes, Rowe traced its Dark Sable along the upper lashline to create depth before blending its Midnight Brown across the lid and pressing Mulberry, a burnt berry, into the crease. A few purposeful swipes of its Gold Trench defined the lower lashes. "There are no hard lines, none of the usual heaviness on the lid," Rowe explained of the beautifully slept-in, diffused halo of neutral tones. The cold snap of a Yorkshire morning played across the cheeks courtesy of Burberry Blush in Earthy, and a mix of the brand's Mocha Glow and Sepia Pink Lipsticks gave mouths a sumptuous, velvety finish.

I was given a makeover by one of Burberry's head makeup artists Monica, who was really lovely and explained each product in detail, since I have only tried the lipsticks from Burberry.  At first I asked for a smokey eye look using Dark Sable and Pale Barley, but afterwards was still curious about the Mulberry eyeshadow (especially because Monica was wearing Mulberry on its own and it looked gorgeous on her), and so she kindly obliged and did a second look with Dark Sable & Mulberry combined.  Cheeks and lips were as per Cara's campaign visual, with Earthy Light Glow Blush on the cheeks and the new Sepia Pink Lip Cover on the lips.

Sepia Pink & Mocha Glow Lip Covers, images from harrods.com

I passed on the Lip Covers as Sepia Pink, when applied on me, is a much darker rose and looked a bit similar to Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle (it did look good though - maybe I'll reconsider later).  I didn't even swatch Mocha Glow as it looked very dark in the bullet.

I picked up Dark Sable (which I initially wanted) and Mulberry (which I initially dismissed because I thought it would be too red).  Monica gifted me a compact mirror which I think is very cute - it's basically the eyeshadow compact but with a mirror instead.  I also took away 2 samples of the foundation to try for colour/wear (I tried #3 yesterday but it looked a bit too light).

Before removing my makeup some five/six hours after my makeover,  I realised the eyeshadow had not creased on my usually oily lids - and I don't think Monica used any primer on my lids.  Very impressed.

I will be reviewing the two eyeshadows later this week.  What are your thoughts on this collection?

Londoners: FYI, I was told Harrods have exclusivity on this collection for a month, so I don't think it will be available at other counters until mid August.


  1. I saw this on harrods online site and was very tempted, like you I'm not sure how Mulberry would work, so I'll look forward to your review ;)
    I'm surprised we have this collection so early, hope we get the eye palettes soon as well.

  2. Is Mulberry a brown-wine shade? It looks gorgeous! I love shades like this, I might have to put in an order at the counter once this is in-store! Can't wait to see these once you get them.

  3. Oooo dark sable looks like a nice shade! Can't wait to see it in person. Hmmm now I wonder if the collection has come out over here yet! Also glad to hear how well they wore on you... I still haven't invested in any Burberry, so maybe this collection is it!

  4. Replica - I saw pictures of the palettes on a blog and it's kinda disappointing - hope they look much nicer in real life! I will be reviewing Mulberry after Dark Sable but I do like it a lot

    Beauty obsessed - I would say Mulberry is a burgundy brown shade - sort of like the colour of Mulberry juice mixed with brown. It is an easy to wear shade.

    Bronzer bunny - I think (from reading one blog) the US is getting this collection in August/September? Yes these are my first Burberry eyeshadows! I wanted to get Midnight Brown & Pale Barley but might wait til I can get them in duty-free later this year

  5. The Sepia Pink lipstick looks really pretty!

  6. Lulle - It is indeed quite nice. I would have bought if I haven't already got something similar.

  7. That diffused taupe/brown/neutrals eye look is really something! I would love to be able to recreate it... sigh. I am hungering after some Burberry products but it's just not in the budget this month. Or next month... maybe a Christmas present to myself! Would you recommend a lipstick or an eyeshadow as a first time Burberry buyer?

  8. Hi Brigid - Just had a quick look on your blog. I'd say eye shadow for you :)

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