Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Dark Sable #23 A/W 2012 Collection


This is my first foray into Burberry eyeshadows.  As in the case with a lot of people, I will first dip my toes into a brand by trying one product, and then it's all downhill from there - I will be drawn into trying more and more of their products.  This is definitely the case with Burberry.

Dark Sable #23 is one of three new Sheer Eye Shadows in the Burberry Autumn Winter 2012 makeup collection.  As expected from Burberry, it is a beautifully executed down to earth neutral shade.

I much prefer Burberry's eyeshadow packaging to their lipsticks - the whole design is more in proportion and feels comfortable in the hand.  The compact is rather hefty and the metal finish is a fingerprint magnet.

A sponge tip applicator is included but nothing to sing about.  I wish they would include at least a mini brush on the other end for touch up emergencies.

Dark Sable is a velvety rich chocolatey coffee brown with no shimmers.  The colour is not quite milk chocolate but not quite 70% cacao either.  I think it's perfect for an Autumn Winter colour palette.

As with all Burberry eyeshadows, the texture is amazing - to touch, it has more of a super smooth texture rather than the expected powdery feel.  Dark Sable is very easy to blend and can be either worn as a liner, a sheer wash or a serious smokey eye.  I like to apply it as a sheer wash (to define eye sockets/crease) with a fluffy blending brush, over smokey smudged pencil liner.

I know lots of people will think this shade is actually quite boring and any other line would have a similar colour.  That is true in a way.  But with Burberry you are paying for flattering neutrals, amazing texture and beautiful application.  And that is it's beauty - sometimes you just want a fail proof makeup staple - and with Dark Sable, you can't go wrong.


  1. yummy. i am determined to use up/sell the crazy amount of shadow i have to replace it all with burberry. their texture and execution is to die for. this shade looks spectacular.

  2. with each Burberry eyeshadow post on my dashboard i feel more and more that i need to own them all!

  3. kellyyes - Yes! Exactly my thoughts. I really like the Burberry shadows.

    delicate hummingbird - Me too. I already have quite a few on my wishlist :x

  4. Looks great and not warm like a lot of browns are. I'm wondering if it is similar to their taupe brown shade, still I think I'll put it on my "to buy" list :)

  5. Hey! I've tagged you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog post for more information! :) x

  6. Oh dear...I only have one Burberry shadow, but I'm so desperate to buy more!! Thankfully I don't have a counter near where I live and have to order by phone - but it still tempts me daily!!!

  7. Replica - I don't have Burberry Taupe Brown but looking at swatch photos, Dark Sable is much darker.

    Ellie - Thank you :)

    Beauty Obsessed - Let me know if you end up picking up any more, they are my favourite eyeshadows right now.

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