July Favourites & Randomness


  1. Suqqu Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu - This was one of my favourite go-to blushes earlier this year and I have "rediscovered" it again.
  2. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Dark Sable - Not exactly a summer colour but a great neutral
  3. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Mulberry - Love love love this colour
  4. Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink - One of my go-to lipsticks this summer
  5. Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush - I have reached for this the most as it is just so versatile
  6. Chanel Le Vernis in Distraction - One word, coral
  7. Chanel Le Vernis in Sky Line - I love this colour so much, I wore it continuosly for most of July
  8. Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach - Another of my go-to lipsticks this summer
  9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Rendezvous & Lovesick - I love these as they are no fuss and good for natural (one layer)and dramatic (a few layers) looks.
  10. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Carina - I really like this colour but it wasn't instant love.  I will try to review this in August.

Tower Bridge looks great with the Olympic rings on it at night.  Random traffic outside my work (giant lions/tigers?).  Blue skies! (albeit for a week).

In my late teens/early 20s I only bought Shu Uemura makeup - I guess these are almost vintage now.  Gelato & Chanel Sky Line - matchy matchy pastels.  I love Everyman Cinemas in London - sofa seats for Dark Knight Rises.

Cold Udon with Tempura at Koya - my favourite Japanese restaurant in London.  Huge Plateau de fruits de mer at J Sheekeys.  £15 burger at Goodman - it was good but they overcooked my medium rare request :/

July has been a mixed month for me but I'm really enjoying the Olympics :)


  1. Great photos! I picked up a kissable balm stain from Revlon a few days ago and now I am in love xx

  2. Loving this post! I picked up a Burberry Lip Mist the other day. #002 because I was in a neutral mood. They're not as sheer as I thought they would be. They have good pigmentation and a nice glossy effect. I will definitely be picking up a couple more colours :).

  3. Unfortunately, I own none of these, buy I believe you when you say Skyline, Golden Peach, and Mulberry are all awesome, these are on my wishlist in a HUGE way!!!

  4. love all your pretty photos!

  5. Boho Vanity - which colour did you get? Glad you like them - I think they're perfect for summer!

    Aleeza - Oh I'll have to check them out later. Avoiding the counters at the moment to keep to my budget!

    Beauty Obsessed - Yes! They are all beautiful! I think Sky Line and Golden Peach will look really good on your skin tone.

    Bronzer Bunny - Thanks x

  6. I'm just recently getting into Burberry products, so nice to see someone else loving them this summer. The range of lip covers has some awesome summery colours, the eyeshadows look really nice too.

    Love TheMaiBug x

  7. TheMaiBug - I'm so sorry I missed your comment! Yes I don't know what took me so long to get into Burberry but it's probably my second favourite cosmetic brand now...love the Lip Covers and Eyeshadows

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