YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve #12


The other YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain I picked up is Corail Fauve #12.  Most of my views (re: packaging, smell, texture etc) will be the same as my review for Corail Aquatique, so I will keep this brief and more of a photo review.

Corail Fauve is a very bright coral with a hint of red, and not for the faint hearted.

In these side by side photos, you can see the difference between the similar sounding shade names.  Corail Aquatique is more of a day-to-day colour that would suit most people, whereas Corail Fauve is for statement lips.  In the below photo, I tried to capture the stain left by these two shades.  It's ot obvious in this photo but the Corail Fauve stain is more intense than the Corail Aquatique due to the pigmentation in the product.


  1. Wow, that is BRIGHT! It's almost more orange than coral, isn't it?

  2. Corail Fauve is such a gorgeous colour, I love your swatches, so pretty.

  3. This looks GORGEOUS! I'd love to own one of these stains... they look amazing. I also love the photos in this post - they look great! :)

  4. That looks stunning! I've been meaning to look into these stains for a while, just can't decide which colour. :/

  5. Well, now I know. Corail Fauve for me! :D

  6. Ah, dammit! I wish I hadn't read that LOL....now I wish I'd picked up Fauve instead, I'm LOVING it!! Dang...these aren't terribly cheap, so I don't want to go crazy, but I might have to head back to Sephora and pick up this shade as well :)

  7. Caroline - it might be just my photos but Corail Fauve doesn't really look orange but it sure is bright! The bright orange/red from this line is Orange de Chine - sadly it doesn't look the same on my lips - because that was actually my first choice.

    Jacqueline - Thank you :) Glad someone liked them because they look a bit lumpy!

    Blog Rince - Thanks! Which colour would you choose?

    Ricquetta Francis - What colours are you deciding between? There seems to be a few popular colours and lots of other colours that aren't on anyone's radar.

    Larie - Haha, you always pick the 'out there' shades!

    Toyarosie - since they are permanent maybe pick one up when you need a treat or when there's some kind of promotion - there's no rush :)

    Thank you for all your comments girls - I really really appreciate them ♥

  8. This looks gorgeous! I haven't used any YSL lip-anythings yet, but I definitely need to check them out! Great review btw :)

    x Chelsea

  9. These look right up my street. Corail Fauve is such a gorgeous bright, zingy shade for the 'summer' (that never came!)but I love the look of Corail Aquatique too as it looks really wearable. I'm not really a big fan of glosses as I usually find them sticky and the pigmentation is not normally very good, but I'm a sucker for anything coral, and being YSL I imagine it's pretty good quality, so I think I could be tempted to give it a try. To be fair, glosses have come a long way since I used to wear them.
    Your photos are great, really lovely and clear.
    Mel x


  10. Chelsea - Thanks :) The only other lip product I've tried is the Rouge Voluptes...didn't quite work for me :/

    Melanie Jane - I know the current summer weather (or lack of) is terrible! I have the same concerns about glosses but these YSL ones are more like liquid lipstick to be honest - pigmentation is very good

  11. I like the Corail Aquatique! I think I can maybe pull that one off!

  12. Be Inspired - Corail Aquatique is probably the most universal colour in the whole range :)

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