Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson


Emerald Street recently sent out an email promoting free makeup lessons at Bobbi Brown, with a bonus of one sample (at least I thought it was one anyway).  And so I booked myself in for a 15 minute mini lesson to learn how to use the Bobbi Brown Corrector.
I have pretty bad undereye circles due to not getting enough sleep.  No eye cream I've tried makes any difference to them so other than getting more sleep, the only way to get rid of them is to cover them.

The makeup artist for my appointment was Carolina.  I was very relieved to have her do my lesson as I did a quick scan when I arrived at the Selfridges counter, and some of the makeup artists were looking a bit Jersey Shore orange.

I showed up at my appointment with no undereye concealer on, thinking it would be a smart move to see how effective the corrector & concealer method is.  How wrong was I.  Carolina removed my makeup under one eye first, and applied a LOT of hydrating eye cream, then the corrector and concealer to show me the difference.  Of course I couldn't really compare since I didn't have my normal concealer on, but under the harsh lighting it seemed like it was a lot better than my usual routine.

The corrector is a concealer in either a pink or peach tone to help cover the darker areas, and can be used either on its own or under your normal concealer.

Carolina then did the other eye and showed me exactly where to place the corrector/concealer and how to blend.  Afterwards she did some quick highlighting and blush on me as she saw me playing with the Shimmerbricks before my appointment.  She wrote down everything she used on a face chart and DID NOT pressure me to buy anything - very refreshing for a cosmetics counter.  She also gave me all three samples!

I walked away with only the corrector, although the Shimmerbrick in Pink Quartz was very tempting.

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